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United Cutlery Honshu Midnight Forge Spartan Sword



  • 16.5″ Blade
  • Stainless Steel – 7Cr13
  • TPR Handle

Description of United Cutlery Honshu Midnight Forge Spartan Sword:

The Spartan Sword from Midnight Forge is a superb addition to Honshu’s unbeatable tactical line. United Cutlery’s blade construction is unmatch in strength and quality and is constantly creative and at the forefront of the industry! This replica of an old sword has a full-tang, 16 1/2″ black 7Cr13 stainless steel blade that is incredibly sharp and has modern, weight-reducing thru-holes in the spine in addition to the traditional blood groove. When operating the knife, the thick stainless steel guard is curl back toward the handle to give your hand a strong buffer and help you maintain a firm hold. The TPR injection handle’s finger grooves and textured design make it durable and gripping. The Spartan Sword’s 23″ total length snaps firmly.

The United Cutlery Honshu Midnight Forge Spartan Sword is a breathtakingly made weapon that consistently mixes verifiable plan with current development. With a sharp edge length of 24 inches and a general length of 29 inches, this blade encapsulates the strength and class of the notable Straightforward champions. The sharp edge, masterfully fashioned from great 1060 carbon steel, exhibits a novel 12 PM dark completion that adds a striking visual allure as well as improves its consumption obstruction.

The handle of the blade is enhance with a TPR finish hold, giving excellent control and solace during battle or show. The gatekeeper includes an unpredictably nitty gritty plan, suggestive of old Spartan motifs , while the handle adds a hint of equilibrium and pizazz. The consideration of a veritable calfskin casing, likewise completed in dark, guarantees both safe stockpiling and a helpful method for conveying this imposing weapon.

Whether showed as a piece of creativity or employed as an image of solidarity, the Honshu Midnight Forge Spartan Sword catches the quintessence of Straightforward bravery and craftsmanship. Its combination of verifiable style with present day materials and procedures makes it an extraordinary gatherer’s thing and a demonstration of United Cutlery’s commitment to delivering exceptional sharp edges. This sword remains as a recognition for the fighter soul of old Sparta, exemplifying its heritage in a really enrapturing and useful piece.

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