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United Cutlery Honshu Double Edge Normal Dark Damascus



  • 30.5″ Blade
  • Damascus
  • TPR Handle
  • Wood/Leather Wrapped Sheath


Description of United Cutlery Honshu Double Edge Normal Dark Damascus:

The Honshu Boshin Damascus Double Edge blade is a masterpiece of contemporary blade design, combining innovation and tradition. The sword’s blade is made of 30 1/2″ Damascus steel. A large polish steel pommel is mount on top of the handle, which is encase in texture TPR for a comfortable no-slip grip that forgoes typical ornamentation. The guard chooses a functional pointed elliptical design above ornate frivolity. The scabbard is make of wood with a semi-gloss black finish and has cotton cord and black faux leather wrapping to match the Boshin sword’s simple, practical design.

The United Cutlery Honshu Double Edge Normal Dark Damascus is a choice and impressive edge that consistently intertwines conventional craftsmanship with contemporary plan. With a sharp edge length of 7.5 inches and a general length of 13 inches, this blade oozes an ideal harmony between style and usefulness. The cutting edge is fastidiously hand-produce from great dull Damascus steel, displaying the unmistakable and hypnotizing designs normal for this antiquate strategy.

The ergonomic handle is intend for both solace and control, highlighting a finished G10 grasp that guarantees a solid hold even in testing conditions. The unobtrusive molding and finger grooves make this blade an expansion of your hand, whether utilized for accuracy cutting or as a gatherer’s piece. The gatekeeper and knob are masterfully create to supplement the general stylish, adding both visual allure and common sense.

This Honshu Double Edge Dark Damascus knife shows up with an exceptional cowhide belt sheath, offering helpful conveying choices and safeguarding the cutting edge when not use. Its flexible nature makes it an optimal ally for outside experiences, endurance circumstances, or as a stunning presentation thing for lovers and authorities. Typifying the soul of both practice and development, the United Cutlery Honshu Double Edge Normal Dark Damascus remains as a demonstration of the brand’s obligation to creating unprecedented sharp edges that overcome any issues among workmanship and utility.

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