United Cutlery Honshu Gladiator VG-10



  • 18.25″ Blade
  • Stainless Steel – VG10
  • TPR Handle

Description of United Cutlery Honshu Gladiator VG-10:

Joined Cutlery’s well known Honshu line offers smooth, current class with a serious nibble! There could be no finer combination of conventional goals with present day development than the Honshu VG-10 Gladiator Sword. It has a definitely sharp, 18 1/4″ premium VG-10 steel cutting edge with a more full and weight-diminishing through openings. The finished and furrowed, infusion shaped TPR handle gives you a solid, sans slip hold in any event, when the circumstances are wet. The 25″ by and large sword can be conveyed and put away in a certified dark cowhide belt sheath with snap conclusion lash.

The United Cutlery Honshu Combatant is a great and imposing fixed-cutting edge sword created considering accuracy and toughness. Its plan gives proper respect to the old combatants of Rome, mixing authentic motivation with current craftsmanship.

Made from excellent cutlery treated steel, the cutting edge offers extraordinary sharpness, erosion obstruction, and edge maintenance. The United Cutlery Honshu Gladiator VG-10 end to end length development upgrades the sword general strength and equilibrium, guaranteeing ideal execution in different cutting errands. The sharp edge’s particular bend, suggestive of exemplary combatant weaponry, adds both stylish allure and useful flexibility.

The ergonomic handle is carefully finished and shaped for a safe hold, limiting the gamble of slippage even in requesting conditions. Its dark and silver completion supplements the edge’s tasteful, giving the sword a smooth and scaring appearance. With its distinctive curved blade and balanced construction, it’s a powerful tool for collectors and enthusiasts.

The Honshu Gladiator accompanies a sturdy dark calfskin sheath, including a snap conclusion and a waist band for helpful and safe capacity or conveying. Whether utilized as a device, a gatherer’s thing, or for self-protection purposes, the Unified Cutlery Honshu Fighter VG-10 grandstands a fastidious mix of verifiable plan and contemporary craftsmanship, pursuing it a convincing decision for sword devotees and authorities the same.

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