swordskingdom.co.uk also serves as a wholesale distributor company. We deal in best quality Replica Swords and Damascus Knives. We buy items in bulk that allows us to provide you huge discounts. We are one of the leading online sources of Replica Swords. We serve clients globally, especially in America, Europe and Australia.

We get our swords manufactured from China and Pakistan. We get produced replica swords with accurate and original details as seen in the relevant movie, game or cartoon. Our wholesale order requirement is a minimum of 10 pieces. This wholesale order can get you huge discount of 25% to 30%.

We inspect our products carefully after they arrive from manufacturer’s place. Each item is brand new and packed with luxurious packing. We deliver quality and satisfy customers to full extent.

We also provide drop ship facility to our clients. We can ship anywhere in the world on the behalf of our client. We directly ship from our manufacturing units to our Warehouses in United States and United Kingdom. Shipping takes normally 5 to 7 working days. Our products are appropriate for all types of ecommerce companies and wholesale business concerns.

Note that each of our products come under warranty. So you can get the best of us.

When buying wholesale products from swordskingdom.co.uk, you will have the following benefits.Quality AssuranceDamaged Goods Exchange GuaranteeNo Hassle of sending payments to U.K. & United States.No Need to search vendor from thousands of Vendors list.No Minimum Quantity RestrictionWe use The Best Couriers & Cargo Services Available

Why Wholesale from Us?

We are an international company serving clients worldwide. We are the leading supplier in B2B online trading. We provide top quality made Replica Swords at competitive prices. We provide a quick and secure online shopping experience. We accept secure payments through secure payment processor while providing SSL security encryption. This is why we guarantee 100% safe and secure payment processing.

Quality First

As we mentioned above, all our products are carefully inspected before delivery. Therefore, our motto is “quality first” and there will be no compromise over it.

Fast Delivery & Drop ship available

Shipping takes 5 to 7 working days when shipped directly from China. We can ship on clients’ behalf. Clients can sell our products on eBay, Amazon, eCrater and other online stores. They can also sell as a local distributor in their country. We’ll not impose any restrictions on it.

Effective and Diverse Communication

You can contact us if you have any issue. No matter how minor issue you have, we’ll always reply in a short time. You can reach us by phone call, fax, live chat or email.


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