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15″ Custom Damascus Bone Craft Handle Knife Wonderful Blade New



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Blade length: 9.5″
Handle Length: 5.5″
Overall length: 15″
Blade thickness: ~5mm
Sheath length: 16″

Unleash the Art of Cutting: 15″ Custom Damascus Bone Craft Knife – A Statement Piece for Your Collection

  • Exquisite Blade: 15″ hand-forged Damascus steel with stunning, unique patterns. Each layer tells a story of fire and skill.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Custom bone handle, meticulously crafted for beauty and ergonomic comfort. Brass and fiber spacers add a touch of elegance.
  • Unmatched Performance: Razor-sharp edge expertly honed for effortless slicing and piercing. Built to last a lifetime.
  • Complete Package: Includes a premium, hand-stitched leather sheath for secure carry and protection.
  • One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece: No two knives are alike. Own a piece of art that reflects your discerning taste.

Elevate your everyday cutting experience with the 15″ Custom Damascus Bone Craft Knife. This masterpiece is not just a tool, it’s a conversation starter, a collector’s dream, and a testament to human artistry. The hand-forged Damascus steel blade boasts mesmerizing patterns, forged layer upon layer for unparalleled strength and sharpness. The custom bone handle, accented with brass and fiber, feels as luxurious as it looks, providing a comfortable and secure grip. This knife isn’t just about function, it’s about owning a piece of history, a legacy you can pass down for generations.


  • Impeccable cutting performance: Effortlessly slice through meats, vegetables, and more with the razor-sharp Damascus steel blade.
  • Unmatched beauty and craftsmanship: Own a conversation starter that reflects your refined taste and appreciation for quality.
  • Built to last: This heirloom-quality knife is an investment that will endure for years to come.
  • Confidence in every cut: Feel the difference of a perfectly balanced, expertly crafted knife in your hand.
  • The perfect gift: Impress the outdoor enthusiast, collector, or chef in your life with this unique and unforgettable piece.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Claim your 15″ Custom Damascus Bone Craft Knife today and experience the art of cutting like never before. Order now and receive free express shipping!

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Weight 2 kg

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2 reviews for 15″ Custom Damascus Bone Craft Handle Knife Wonderful Blade New

  1. Violet (verified owner)

    I’ve received many compliments on this sword. Its unique design and high-quality construction make it a standout piece.

  2. Olivia (verified owner)

    This sword arrived on time and in perfect condition. It’s a quality piece that I’m proud to own.

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