Anduril Narsil Dagger



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Full Length with Scabbard: 35”
Total Length: 30
Blade Length 19”
Handle: 11″
Free Scabbard
Blade: High Quality Stainless Steel

Anduril Narsil Dagger Story:

The Anduril Narsil Dagger replica is one of the highest demanding items in the whole LOTR series. Initially wielded by Aragorn Strider in the series, this dagger wasn’t a dagger. It was a sword that was used by Isildur to cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand and defeat him for good. Later, it was forged from the shards into Narsil sword. Aragorn Strider used the sword in the series and made sure he used it apart from carrying it around all day. He was a high ranger and warrior who fought well against the war with Orcs.

The Narsil Dagger features high-quality stainless steel construction and very detailed design that makes it perfect for cosplays and collections. Starting from the handle, it is solid metal with solid guard and pommel. The level of detail on the guard and pommel is impressive. The blade has a length of 19 inches that makes it easy to carry as its lightweight and well balanced. Wrapped around the hilt is a leather wrapping for offering a smooth experience when you hold it. The free scabbard has metal fittings too. Get the Narsil dagger replica from us at a limited time discount offer.

The Anduril Narsil Dagger is now available at our Swords Kingdom store with realistic details and affordable price. Now, you can make your Christmas events even more special from the previous ones with your favorite sword. Have a look at the specifications.

  • The overall length of the LOTR Anduril Narsil Dagger replica is 30 inches.
  • The blade is 19 inches long with 11 inches of handle’s length
  • High-quality stainless steel is used in its construction.
  • It is a collector’s edition dagger replica.
  • Narsil Dagger available here is a very detailed replica
  • Anduril Narsil Dagger is a perfect item for cosplays and LOTR fans
  • Double-edged un-sharpened blade increases its beauty
  • The perfectly fitting sheath is also available for free with it.


These realistic features of Lord of the Rings Narsil Dagger Replica will surely insist you to grab it now from our store. You can make your cosplays and this year’s Christmas even more special by buying Narsil Dagger from here at affordable rates. So, don’t miss out the great opportunity as Anduril Narsil Dagger for sale is only present here. For more Lord of the Rings Replica Swords, you can visit our category page.

What are the shipping charges for UK?


Shipping is free all over the UK.

Is it a stainless-steel dagger?

Yes, Anduril Narsil Dagger is a stainless-steel blade.

In how many days item will be shipped?

The item will be shipped to your address in 3-5 days.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Anduril Narsil Dagger

  1. Aurora (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with this sword. The weight is perfect, the blade is sharp, and it feels sturdy in my hand.

  2. Anna (verified owner)

    This sword is a fantastic gift for any sword enthusiast. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and it comes in a nice display box.

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