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Boromir Sword From LOTR Silver Finished


Original price was: £201.00.Current price is: £99.80.

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Product Details:

  • Overall Length: 38″
  • Blade Length: 30″
  • Handle Length: 8″
  • Free Display Stand
  • Free Mild Leather Sheath
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sword Weight: 1.74 KG

Boromir Sword Silver Finished Description:

Boromir, the last Steward of Gondor, adopted many characteristics of his father, Denethor. He was noble, honorable, and known for bravery and greatness in Gondor. Possessing intelligence and great physical abilities, he remained mannered and respectful, particularly to his father. Praised by enemies as a mighty warrior, he fought relentlessly for his men.

His spirited approach and forceful personality were renowned assets in battle. Throughout his journey with the One Ring and the Fellowship, Boromir displayed occasional hot-tempered and cold-tempered moments. Despite good intentions, his desire for the One Ring revealed its corrupting influence, showcasing the ring’s power over even the mightiest warriors.

In leading numerous battles against Orcs and Sauron’s forces, Boromir aimed to protect his city from destruction and evil, highlighting his commitment to the defense of Gondor.

More Information

Describing the sword held by Boromir, the last Steward of Gondor, as big, broad, yet lightweight and powerful perfectly characterizes its features. The Gondor-made sword from the third age closely resembled the one wielded by Boromir’s father, Denethor.Utilizing only the Boromir sword and a shield as his armor in battle, he established himself as a brave and commanding warrior. The diamond-shaped blade, with a sharp tip and edges, allowed combat against both heavily and lightly armored opponents.

The battle-suited Boromir Sword Silver Finished, held by a notable member of the Fellowship of the Ring, is available at our stores at a more than reasonable price. The grip is wrapped with high-quality leather for ease of handling, featuring tapered tang construction. The Boromir Sword Silver Finished for sale includes a leather sheath and a silkscreened design plaque (wooden), providing you with a complete battle-ready package. Explore our store for additional options, including other LOTR Replica Swords.

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