Demon Slayer Tsugikuni Sword



  • Total length: 35 inches
  • Blade’s length: 25.7 inches
  • Handle length: 9.06 inches 
  • Handle material: Hard plastic
  • Blade’s material: Bamboo wood

Description of Demon Slayer Tsugikuni Sword:

The Tsugikuni Sword, a dazzling weapon highlighted in the prestigious anime and manga series “Demon Slayer,” remains as a demonstration of the unrivaled craftsmanship of the Demon Slayer Corps. Manufactured by the gifted hands of the Tsugikuni family, this sword is a strong device in the battle against evil presences, having both a stunning stylish and destroying power.

  • Serious level of reclamation.
  • Protect, not sharp, can be bought with certainty.
  • The shade of the splash paint on the casing and sharp edge is exceptionally lovely.
  • What’s more, the shower paint isn’t not difficult to tumble off, regardless of whether you utilize your nails to scratch it, it won’t tumble off.
  • Incredible looking, durable, safe, lightweight, and simple to convey, ideal for pretending and show.

Aesthetic Marvel:
The Tsugikuni Sword’s blade is a genuine wonder, displaying a hypnotizing inclination from profound cobalt blue to a clear, ethereal white at its edge. This dazzling plan is a consequence of the one of a kind materials utilize in its manufacturing. The entwining both human and demon presence parts. The cutting edge’s slope reflects the division between the universe of demon presences and the purpose of Devil Slayers.

Empowered Edge:
One of the sword’s unmistakable characteristics is its enabled edge. The cutting edge’s white edge is mixed with a powerful warding spell. Which improving its capacity to slice through demon tissue with noteworthy proficiency. This charm elevates the sword’s actual characteristics as well as injects it. With a profound energy that reverberates with the demon presence killing reason.

Legacy of the Tsugikuni Faction:
The Tsugikuni Sword is something other than a weapon; it epitomizes the tradition of the Tsugikuni faction. The prestigious for their dominance of demon spirit killing procedures. Gone down through ages, the sword conveys with it the amassed information and encounters of innumerable demon spirit fights.

Harmonizing Humanity and Demons:
The Demon Slayer Tsugikuni Sword creation cycle includes a many-sided custom that wires human and demon components. This interesting blend mirrors the series’ subjects of congruity and equilibrium, exhibiting how various universes can coincide to accomplish a higher reason.

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