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Game Of Thrones – Longclaw – Sword


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  • Length: +/- 105cm
  • Material: cosplay foam, PU

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Description of Game Of Thrones – Longclaw – Sword:

Longclaw, the notable sword from the legendary dream series “Game of Thrones,” is a weapon of both verifiable importance and individual significance. Made with fastidious detail, Longclaw encapsulates the soul of House Mormont and the force of its wielder, Jon Snow.

The cutting edge of Longclaw is produce using Valyrian steel, an intrigue and love material known for its excellent sharpness and solidness. Valyrian steel is portray by its dull, undulating designs that dance across the edge’s surface, allude to the antiquated sorcery and craftsmanship utilize in its creation. This uncommon metal awards Longclaw its considerable strength as well as makes it one of a handful of the swords fit for overcoming White Walkers and their undead flunkies.

The handle of Longclaw is similarly great. At the handle, a fearsome wolf’s head fills in as an image of House Distinct, connoting the connection between Jon Snow and his supportive family. The knob is enhance with red garnets, address according to House Mormont’s bear sigil. The actual handle is produce using rich, dark cowhide folded over the grip’s grasp, giving both solace and control to the wielder.

Longclaw’s crossguard is a piece of creativity in itself, highlighting many-sided designs suggestive of the North’s tough scene. It serves as a tasteful frivolity as well as security for the wielder’s hand in battle.

The sheath of Longclaw is produced using top notch dim calfskin, supplementing the sword’s general stylish. A baldric of dark cowhide permits Jon Snow to convey the sword across his back, a style that has become inseparable from his personality.

Longclaw is something other than a weapon; it is a praiseworthy image, boldness, and obligation. Gone down through ages of House Mormont, it addresses the unfaltering obligation to safeguard the North and its kin. With its Valyrian steel blade and multifaceted subtleties, Longclaw remains as a demonstration of the rich history and complex connections that characterize the universe of “Game of Thrones.”

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