Genshin Impact Cosplay Sword Sun Bird Sword



  • Large Prop Measures :Approx 100cm (40 inch) Length
  • Blade length: 80 Centimetres

Description of Genshin Impact Cosplay Sword Sun Bird Sword:

Presenting the Genshin Impact Cosplay Sword Sun Bird Sword – a stunning epitome of the daring soul and charming scenes tracked down inside the universe of Teyvat. Drench yourself in the domain of Genshin Contact with this carefully created reproduction, intended to light the creative mind of fans and cosplayers the same.

Hold the Sun Bird Blade and transport yourself to the magical universe of Teyvat. From the unpredictable plan of the grip, looking like the magnificent sun birds that elegance the game, to the dazzling sharp edge scratched with natural themes, each component of this blade has been painstakingly reproduced to give proper respect to Genshin Effect’s rich visual woven artwork. Whether showed as a gatherer’s thing or used during cosplay occasions, this blade is a demonstration of your partiality for the game.

Created with an eye for detail and a commitment to genuineness, the Sun Bird Blade easily catches the substance of Genshin Effect. The master craftsmanship guarantees that each bend and shape reflects the first, while the sword’s strong development ensures its place as a valued piece in your assortment or a unique prop in your cosplay tries.

Wellbeing and visual constancy meet up flawlessly in this copy. The dulled edges offer true serenity during cosplay exercises, permitting you to draw in with the sword without compromising security completely. The luxurious handle plan lifts the sword’s appeal as well as offers an agreeable hold, empowering you to channel the soul of your #1 characters with certainty.

Lift your association with the Genshin Effect universe with the Sun Bird Sword. As you employ this exceptional piece, you encapsulate the daring energy of the game, overcoming any issues among dream and reality. Whether you’re an enthusiastic cosplayer or a gave gatherer, this sword fills in as an unmistakable image of your enthusiasm for Genshin Effect and its enthralling world.

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