High Elven Sword of Elves Warriors & Hadhafang Arwen Sword Replica from LOTR



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Overall length: 43″
Handle Length: 21″
Blade Length: 22″

Overall Length: 38″
Blade Length: 30″
Engraved both sides design on blade.
Blade Material: High Quality stainless steel.
Hand Grip: Wood handgrip with Elven vine design, solid metal pommel

High Elven Sword & Hadhafang Arwen Sword Story:

High Elven Sword of Elves Warriors & Hadhafang Arwen Sword is the best pair of medieval swords. Hadafang is a fictional character of Lord of the Rings. His sword belongs to the princess Idril who weds to tuor. Arwen is one of the famous characters in the third age. So during the second and third age these swords used as a high ranking. The Wood-Elves uses at that time a different type of sword. Hadhafang Sword is one of the best decorated with wood, carvings, and cutouts which make it more beautiful. High Elven Warrior Sword has a long handle with the gold color pommel, design on the handle makes it more elegant than the others. It mostly uses both hands.

High Elven Warrior Sword Replica:

  • Replica High Elven Sword of Elves Warrior blade quality is very high because it is made up of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Pommel creates with solid metal material, due to gold color and design it looks unique.
  • The total length of the High Elven Sword Replica is 43 inches.
  • Handle length is 21 inches, and the blade length is 22 inches.
  • It is the best product for your home decoration.

    Hadhafang Sword of Arwen Replica:

  • Hadhafang Arwen Sword Replica is 43 inches long.
  • Its blade length is 30 inches and handles length is 8 inches.
  • Replica Hadhafang Sword has engraved design on both sides of the blade.
  • Its handle looks elegant due to Elven vine design along with solid metal pommel.

    We offer both High Elven Sword of Elves Warriors & Hadhafang Arwen Sword Replica for sale. If you love this pair of swords, order now. You can also purchase any one sword from Hadhafang Arwen Sword Replica from LOTR and High Elven Sword of Elves Warriors.

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    If you are living in the UK region, shipping is 100% free.

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