Kingdom Hearts Sora Keyblade Replica Yellow 29″ & Link Hylian Shield with 2 Master Swords Set



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29″ over all length
stainless steel tube
zinc blade handle

1-Overall Length: 46″
Blade Length: 35″
Handle Length: 11″

2-Overall Length: 42″
Blade Length: 29″
Handle Length: 13″

3-Hylian Shield
Total Length: 25″
Width: 19″
Handle Material: Metal

Sora Keyblade & Link Hylian Shield with Master Swords:

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series that is developed by Square Enix in cooperation with Disney. This game series is based on the character Sora, who is looking for his friends. When he travels to some parts of the world, he fights with Disney and Square Enix characters. In the first series, he fights against the villains, and in the second series, he helps the people of the world while searching for his friend Riku. The Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts belongs to Sora and many other characters in the game. The Keyblade is the main thing in the battle between darkness and light.

Link is the main character of the famous video game series The Legend of Zelda. He also played an essential role in many comic books and animated series. Throughout the Legend of the Zelda Series, Link appears as a child, teenager, and young adult of the Hylian race. Link travels through Hyrule, fight against evils, and Ganon to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule. To defeat the Ganon, he uses mystical Master Sword, light arrows, and Hylian Shield. He also takes other magical objects like musical instruments and many other things for fighting while on the journey.

Product Details:

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade:

  • The Sora Keyblade replica has a 29” overall length.
  • Its tube is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The blade handle is made with zinc.

    Master Sword:

  • The total length of one piece of Master Sword Replica is 46”.
  • Its overall length includes 35” blade length, and 11” handle length. 

    Master Replica Sword:

  • The overall length of the Replica Master Sword is 42”.
  • Its overall length has 29” blade length, and 13” handle length. 

    Hylian Shield:

  • Hylian shield replica has 25” total length and 19”
  • Its handle is made of metal. 

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    Yes, you can buy this product in bulk.

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    Yes, we are providing doorstep delivery.

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    If you are living in the UK region, then shipping is 100% free.

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    Weight 11 kg

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    2 reviews for Kingdom Hearts Sora Keyblade Replica Yellow 29″ & Link Hylian Shield with 2 Master Swords Set

    1. Savannah (verified owner)

      I was looking for a decorative sword, and this one fits the bill perfectly. It’sa beautiful piece that adds elegance to any room.

    2. Grace (verified owner)

      I bought this sword for my son’s birthday, and he was ecstatic. It’s a well-crafted weapon that he loves to show off.

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