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Leviathan Kratos Cosplay Hammer from God-War



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  •  Length: 44cm
  • Soft & Safe :Made of High Endurance PU Foam,100% LARP

Description of Leviathan Kratos Cosplay Hammer from God-War:

Presenting the impressive Leviathan Kratos Cosplay Hammer from God of War – a stupendous recognition for the unbelievable weapon that has unleashed devastation across the domains. This fastidiously created imitation embodies the crude power and unpredictable plan of Kratos’ famous sledge, making it a fundamental piece for devoted fans and committed cosplayers.

Hold the Leviathan Cosplay Hammer and submerge yourself in the realm of Lord of War. Everything about, the unpredictably designed head to the endured surfaces that tell stories of fights battled, has been skillfully reproduced to reflect the stunning weapon used by Kratos. Whether showed as a shrewd highlight or waved during your cosplay attempts, this sledge orders consideration and reverence.

Made with absolute attention to detail and accuracy, the Leviathan Cosplay Hammer is a demonstration of value and credibility. The tender loving care guarantees that it catches the substance of Kratos’ weapon, while the tough development ensures that it endures for the long haul, whether it’s display gladly in your assortment or employ with fierceness in your depictions.

Security and visual precision join agreeably in this imitation. The dulled edges offer true serenity, permitting you to participate in powerful stances and pretend without compromising security. The fastidiously planned handle gives an agreeable and secure grasp, empowering you to order a similar power and power as the Phantom of Sparta himself.

Moreover, Hoist your association with the Lord of War universe with the Leviathan Kratos Cosplay Hammer from God-War. So, As you hold this amazing piece, you rise above the limits among fiction and reality, encapsulating the anger and assurance that characterize Kratos’ personality. Whether you’re a carefully prepare cosplayer or a committed gatherer, this copy hammer is a substantial demonstration of your worship for the Lord of War adventure and its famous hero.

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