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Link Ranger Sword 48 Inches Edition & Link Fierce Deity Sword Replica from Zelda



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Overall Length: 48″
Blade Length: 35″
Handle Length: 13″
Blue guard with red gems all around.
Handle is wrapped blue Leather, pommel also has the red gem.
Blade is Stainless Steel.

Overall Length: 49″
Blade Length: 34.5″
Handle: 14.5″
Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Blue leather wrapped
Free Mild leather Sheath

Link Ranger Sword & Fierce Deity Sword:

The Legend of Zelda is an action video game created by the Japanese designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. Link is the main character of the Legend of Zelda. He appears in many series and features in Nintendo medians like comic books and animated series. In the series, he plays the roles of a child, teenager, and young adult of the Hylian race. The Hylian Race originates from the fictional land Hyrule. He travels around the globe and defeats different creatures, evils, and Ganon.

The Link Fierce Deity Sword is from the Legend of the Zelda series Majora Mask, Tri Force Heroes, and Breath of the Wild. It associates with Fierce Deity that has a unique double-helix design. Link uses this sword with both hands while using the Fierce Deity Mask to transform into the Fierce Deity. It can fire magical light blue colored blasts. The Fierce Deity Sword can’t stop until Link removes the Fierce Deity Mask.

Product Details:

Link Ranger Replica Sword:

  • The overall length of the Link Ranger Replica is 48″.
  • The overall length includes 35″ blade length and 13″ handle length.
  • It spotted red gems all around the guard.
  • The blade of the replica Link Sword is made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • The handle is wrapped with blue leather.

    Fierce Deity Sword:

  • The overall length of the Link Fierce Deity Sword replica is 49″.
  • It has a 34.5″ blade length and a 14.5″ handle length.
  • You will get mild leather sheath free with the sword.
  • The handle material is wrapped with blue leather.
  • It is made with high-quality stainless steel.

    We are offering Link Ranger Sword & Link Fierce Deity Sword Replica for sale at affordable prices. Our sharp delivery system will amaze you with quick delivery at your doorstep, so order now. You can also buy Link Hylian Shield with Master Swords Set from our store.

    Can I buy a single sword?

    Yes, you can buy single sword, contact with the team.

    Which things come free with this product?

    Only a mild leather sheath comes free with Link Sword.

    How much I have to pay for shipping this item at my doorstep?

    If you are living in the UK region, then shipping is 100% free.

    Additional information

    Weight 14 kg

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    2 reviews for Link Ranger Sword 48 Inches Edition & Link Fierce Deity Sword Replica from Zelda

    1. Nora (verified owner)

      This sword is a fantastic gift for any sword enthusiast. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and it comes in a nice display box.

    2. Lucy (verified owner)

      I was hesitant to purchase a sword online, but this one exceeded my expectations. It’s well-made and visually stunning.

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