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Nier Automata – Katana Of 2B – Virtuous Contract



  • Size: +/-104cm
  • Material: Cosplay Foam, PU

Description of Nier Automata – Katana Of 2B – Virtuous Contract:

The Katana of 2B, known as the “Virtuous Contract,” is a notable weapon in the activity pretending game Nier: Automata. This rich and dangerous weapon fills in as an expansion of the game’s hero, 2B, and is an epitome of her solidarity, accuracy, and assurance.

The Contract is a finely create katana that mirrors the smooth and modern plan stylish of the game’s reality. Its thin edge, made of top notch materials, gleams with a cool, metallic sheen. And its handle is enveloped by graceful calfskin for a protected grasp. The weapon’s general appearance radiates a feeling of elegance and reason, reflecting 2B’s own disposition.

As far as ongoing interaction, the Virtuous offers players a reasonable and flexible battle insight. Its quick strikes make it ideal for tight situation battle. By permitting 2B to release a whirlwind of lethal slices upon her foes. The katana’s exact and speedy assaults go with it a magnificent decision for players who lean toward dexterity and artfulness in their fights.

As 2B employs the Contract, it turns into an augmentation of her personality. It represent her assurance to finish her missions and safeguard what survives from mankind. With each swing, players can detect the heaviness of her obligations and the strength of her determination.

In the kingdom of Nier: Automata, the Virtuous Contract isn’t simply a weapon; it is an image of trust in a forlorn and war-torn scene. It addresses the persevering through soul of humankind even with overpowering affliction. Whether cutting through swarms of mechanical enemies or facing strong foes. The Virtuous Contract is a demonstration of 2B’s resolute commitment and the player’s expertise in outfitting its true capacity.

To conclude that the Virtuous Contract, 2B’s famous katana in Nier Automata, is a smooth and lethal weapon. That encapsulates her effortlessness and assurance, offering quick and exact strikes in extreme fights.

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