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Tanjiro Kamado V2 – Fire Breath – Black Nichirin Blade



  • Size: +/-102 cm
  • Material blade: Wood

Description of Tanjiro Kamado V2 – Fire Breath – Black Nichirin Blade:

Tanjiro Kamado V2 – Fire Breath – Black Nichirin Blade is a momentous and famous weapon that exemplifies the pith of the Slayer Corps. It is used not entirely set in stone and brave Tanjiro Kamado. This finely created katana is a demonstration of both the unbelievable craftsmanship of the swordsmiths in the series and the enduring soul of its proprietor.

The sharp edge, produce from the greatest steel. It is cover in a smooth and glisten dark completion that separates it from customary Nichirin edges. This one of a kind tinge represents Tanjiro’s dominance of the Fire Breath strategy. A strong capacity that lights his edge with burning flares.

The handle of the sword is fastidiously envelope by a lively red and dark design line, reflect Tanjiro’s mark haori. This plan decision upgrades the weapon’s visual allure as well as gives. A protected and agreeable grasp for its wielder during extreme fights.

At the foundation of the grip, a roundabout watchman is embellish with multifaced etchings. That give proper respect to the Sun Breathing style. A demonstration of Tanjiro’s devotion to dominate his abilities and shield mankind from the devilish danger. This gatekeeper not just adds a creative touch to the blade. Yet in addition fills a useful need, shielding the wielder’s hand during battle.

The casing, similar to the cutting edge, is a rich dark tone with unpretentious ruby accents. It includes a sturdy and movable lash. It permitting Tanjiro to convey his weapon easily on his excursion to kill demon presences and look for retribution for his loved ones.

This surprising blade fills in as a steady sign of Tanjiro’s obligation to his obligation as an Slayer and his rugged bond with his companions. With its remarkable plan and strong capacities, this katana is genuinely an unbelievable weapon in the realm of Demon Slayer.

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