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Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated

Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated

Regular Price: £167.20

Special Price £104.50

(In stock)

  • Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated
  • Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated
  • Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated

Trunks Sword Replica Gold Plated

Quick Overview

Overall Length With Scabbard: 46"
Total Length: 42"
Sword Blade Length: 30"
Handle Length: 12"
Blade Finish: Dull Polished
Blade Type: High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Double Sided Blade

Pommel: Solid Cast Metal - Gold Plated
Scabbard: Wooden Scabbard with Red Finish
Free Wooden Scabbard with Blue belt
Weight: 1.55 KG

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £167.20

Special Price £104.50



The original sword of the trunk has a shiny and pointed blade. It looks like a wide sword with red grips. It comes with a free wooden scabbard which enhances its durability. The material used in the manufacturing of this sword is very high-quality stainless steel. The trunk sword replica also comes with free stand.

The sword’s blade is quite long and pointed with a bit heavyweight. This sword can be used as collectible and gifts. It has the gold plated hilt with guard and pommel. You can buy the best trunk replica from our online store in the UK.

Product description:

The famous trunks sword replica from the Dragon Ball Z is now available on our online store. These trunk swords replicas are some of the best replicas you will ever get under such prices. Some of the most amazing features of DBZ sword replicas are as follow:

  • It’s a long sword, lengths almost 46 inches with scabbard
  • The total length of the sword is 42 inches
  • Sword’s blade length is 30 inches
  • Dull polished blade.
  • Very high-quality stainless steel
  • The handgrip is leather sheath wrapped
  • Free scabbard and stand
  • Very authentic looking replica
  • Stunning level of details
  • Gold Plated hilt, guard and pommel
  • Wrapped handle for a comfortable grip
  • Slightly pointed tip
  • Red finish wooden scabbard that fits perfectly
  • Should carry strap belt attached to the scabbard


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Trunks sword is rooted in the famous anime series’ well-renowned characters. The trunk is the Vegeta's half-Saiyan child. Trunk sword lye under the shade of Dragon Ball Z anime series in which trunk is playing a hero character. Trunk’s physical appearance is described below:

  • Bulky body
  • Eyes of blue color
  • Hued hairs

The trunk can also change into Super-Saiyan which is the transformation of the Trunk material things like

  • Eyes turn into green color
  • Haris turns into spikes
  • Transforming into the excellent shade

The trunk is the leading character in anime series “Dragon Ball Z,” and he is the sibling of Bulla. One of the main reasons for trunk go is the offer to cure Goku’s heart issues.


  • It should not be practiced in the crowd or near breakable things.
  • Keep it out of reach from children.
  • Its quality is very good but you should take care of it.
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