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Zack Buster Sword 42 Inches from Final Fantasy



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Overall Length: 42″
Guard is 4 1/2 inches wide and blade length is approximately 29″
Handle: 13″
Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel
Free Mild leather Sheath
Item Weight: 2.5 KG

Zack Buster Sword:

The Zack Buster Sword is a sword of Zack that appeared in the Final Fantasy series. He turned into the primary hero in the prequels of the same diversion. He cleared out the place where he grew up to join the association of soldiers deserting his guardians. He is a perished part of a soldier and the closest companion of Cloud. He has an obscure past and a minding identity. Just before death, he gave his Buster Sword to Cloud and let him know to flee.

Cloud Strife is the principal hero in Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children and many other series. A proud and pleased swordsman right away, Cloud trusts himself to be a part of a world-class warrior unit called SOLDIER. He was the friend of Zack. The Buster Sword is a giant item that initially showed up in Final Fantasy VII and had since shown up in a few different. It is Cloud Strife’s trademark Sword and was wielded before him by Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley.

Product Features:

The Zack Buster Sword replica is available on our Swords Kingdom store with realistic details. Before any order check its details.

  • The overall length of the Zack Buster Sword Replica is 42 inches.
  • The handle length is 13 inches with 29 inches of blade.
  • The blade is made from stainless steel material.
  • It comes with a free leather mild sheath.
  • The overall weight of the sword is 2.5 KG.
  • It is a perfect piece for cosplay and home decorations.
  • An ideal sword that you can give as a gift to your loved ones. 

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    From which material Zack Sword is made?

    Zack Sword is made from high-quality stainless steel material.

    What is the total weight of the sword?

    The total weight of the sword is 2.5 KG.

    Is leather sheath available with Zack Buster Sword?

    Yes, a free mild leather sheath comes free with the sword.

    Additional information

    Weight 4 kg

    Customer Reviews

    2 reviews for Zack Buster Sword 42 Inches from Final Fantasy

    1. Matthew (verified owner)

      This sword is perfect for my historical reenactments. It adds an extra layer of realism and is well-suited for combat.

    2. Luke (verified owner)

      I’m a sword collector, and this sword quickly became one of my favorites. The attention to detail is remarkable, and it’s a pleasure to display.

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