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Zack Buster Sword 50 Inches from Final Fantasy



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Overall Length: 49.5″
Blade Length: 33″
Handle Length: 16.5″
Blade Width: 5″
Free Mild leather Sheath
Sword Weight: 5.0 KG

Description of Zack Buster Sword (50 inches):

The Zack Buster Sword is Cloud’s default Sword. The Sword is exceptional in that it can’t be sold or tossed, because of Cloud utilizing it as a part of cutscenes and minigames. The Buster Sword has a base force of 18 and a base exactness of 96%. It has two Materia spaces interfaced together. In the title screen for Final Fantasy VII, the Buster Sword seems suspended over the ground encompassed by a deep foundation. At some point after Final Fantasy VII, Cloud puts the Zack Buster Sword on the precipice where Zack kicked the bucket as an issue to him. In the two years between the amusement and film, the Sword has rusted and is secured in the dust. Set up of the Buster Sword Cloud wields the Fusion Swords, which tackle the profile of the Buster Sword when joined.

Amid the consummation of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Cloud moves the Sword to the Sector 5 Church, cleaned from its rusting in the Midgar Wasteland. The Zack Buster Sword is delegated a gigantic broadsword. From tip to handle, it is roughly five to six feet long, with a solitary edged vast cutting edge more or less one foot wide. In Cloud’s Final Fantasy VII fine art, the sharpened steel is a lighter shade on the bladed edge while whatever remains of the edge is dark ash, and the handguard gives off an impression of being darted or bolted into spot. There are two openings close to the handguard, variably said to be Materia spaces or to be the place Cloud cuts the Sword onto his back. This configuration of the Buster Sword is utilized as a part of most turn off appearances. In the Kingdom Hearts arrangement, Cloud wields a Zack Buster Sword of this outline wrapped in swathes.

Product Features:

The Zack Buster Sword 50 Inches replica sword is available on our store with realistic features and stainless-steel blade. If you are also looking to get it in your hands, then do read the below-mentioned features first.

  • The overall length of the Zack Buster Sword Replica is 49.5 inches.
  • The blade’s length is 33 inches, and the handle’s length is 16.5 inches.
  • As it is a big blade, therefore, the width of the blade is 5 inches.
  • It comes with a free mild leather sheath
  • Zack Buster Sword, 50 inches replica, is a perfect piece for gifts.
  • You can buy it for the cosplays and even for the home decorations.
  • The overall weight of this Sword is 5 KG.
  • The blade is made from stainless steel material

So, after reading the features of Zack Buster Sword 50 inches replica, if you want to get it at a discounted price, then do place your order here. Moreover, shipping in the UK is free. Apart from the Zack Buster Sword Replica, you can also get other Final Fantasy Swords from our website.

Does a leather sheath come free with Zack Buster Sword?

Yes, a leather sheath comes free with the 50 inches Zack Buster Sword Replica.

What is the total weight of Zack Buster Sword 50 inches?

The total weight of Zack buster sword 50 inches is 5 KG

What are the shipping charges for the UK?

For the UK, the shipping is 100% free.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg

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  1. Leah (verified owner)

    This sword arrived promptly and was securely packaged. It was in pristine condition, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  2. Claire (verified owner)

    The balance of this sword is perfect. It feels comfortable in my hand and allows for precise control.

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