Zoro Yubashiri Sword & Zoro Wado Ichimonji Sword from One Piece



Overall Length: 39″
Blade length: 25.5″
Handle length:13.5″
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Wooden handle with white String Wrapping
Fitting: Solid Metal, Brass Finish Pommel and Guard
Scabbard: Stainless steel black scabbard and brass fitting (Free)

Overall Length: 44″
Blade total length:25.5″
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Wooden handle with brown string wrapping
Fitting: Brass finish Solid Cast Metal Guard and Pommel
Scabbard: Stainless Steel (FREE)

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Zoro Yubashiri Sword & Wado Ichimonji Sword:

Roronoa Zoro is one of One Piece’s main characters who was famous as “Pirate Hunter.” He was a bounty hunter and one of the experienced swordsmen before this. When he was training in Shimotsuki in his childhood, he created a new swordsmanship style. He was the powerful warrior; Luffy, Sanji, and Jinbe were his companions. His life’s main motive was to become the most popular and skillful swordsman in the world. He wants to fulfill his aim for his childhood friend Kuina.

At the same time, you know that fighting with three swords is not easy, but with his Santoryu style (Three Swords Style) that he created, he uses all of them. He holds two swords in both hands and the third one in his mouth and cuts his opponents simultaneously. The Waso Ichimonji is one of them, and the other one Yubashiri Sword takes from Ipponmastsu. We have all Zoro swords at our store; first, explore these swords by product details given below.

Product Details:

Yubashiri Sword:

  • The Yubashiri Replica Sword has a 39″ overall length.
  • It includes a 25.5″ blade length and a 13.5″ handle length.
  • The blade of the One Piece Sword is constructed with high-quality stainless steel.
  • You will get stainless steel and brass fitting scabbard free.

    Zoro Wado Ichimonji Sword:

  • The overall length of the Wado Ichimonji is 44″.
  • It has a 25.5″ blade length and an 18.5″ handle length.
  • You will get stainless steel scabbard free.
  • The dull finished blade, wooden handle, solid metal guard, and pommel make it unique.

    If you are a fan of Roronoa Zoro, then both replica swords are best for you. Buy them now as a set and attain a huge discount. You will receive it at your doorstep, and there is no shipping for our UK customers. Furthermore, get more Zoro Swords from our One Piece Swords category.

    From which quality both blades are made?

    Both blades are made with the high-quality stainless steel.

    Is anything free with the Zoro One Piece Swords?

    Yes, two stainless steel scabbards are free with the Zoro Replica Swords.

    What are the shipping charges?

    If you are living in the UK, then shipping is 100% free.

    Additional information

    Weight 6 kg

    Customer Reviews

    4 reviews for Zoro Yubashiri Sword & Zoro Wado Ichimonji Sword from One Piece

    1. Ryan (verified owner)

      I’m really impressed with the balance of this sword. It feels natural in my hand and allows for precise control.

    2. Emma (verified owner)

      I bought this sword as a gift for my brother, who is a sword enthusiast. He was delighted with its quality and craftsmanship.

    3. Emily (verified owner)

      I’ve received numerous compliments on this sword. It’s a real conversation starter and adds elegance to my collection.

    4. Harper (verified owner)

      I’m a sword collector, and this sword quickly became one of my favorites. The attention to detail is remarkable, and it’s a pleasure to display.

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