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5 Most Powerful Swords from Lord of the Rings

If you have watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then you might be familiar with the fact that it has one of the most sensational storylines with amazing characters and their swords. I am sure, you will second my point. 

The story of Lord of the Rings revolves around Middle-Earth that has a lot of hidden facts in every nook and cranny. One ring of power and magical items in one ring in the deep sea are just two types of trailer. Many other precious items with different powers are also in Middle-Earth. All these things keep the storyline of LOTR more interesting than the other movies. 

The characters with their amazing costumes and swords is just another amazing thing that people love the most. Today in this content, we are going to discuss 5 most powerful swords from lord of the rings of all times. So, if you are a fan of such items and want to know all about them, then surely you don’t have to miss this article. 

1: Herugrim Sword

Herugrim, known as a canon in Lord of the Rings was conceived by Tolkien himself. It has a unique design and appeared in The Two Towers also. During The Two Towers times, it was under the possession of Theoden. Although the herugrim sword is almost 500 years older than Theoden, however it always looks like a fresh one.  

The importance of the Herugrim sword is not always limited to royal heirloom. You might have seen its magical powers when Gandlaf healed a weakened Theoden. He was fully weak and about to die, but Gandalf gave him full strength. Another point that you can recall is the poisoning effect given to Theoden by Grima Wormtongue. At that point, Herugrim helped him in remembering his own strength and he became stronger and stronger.

2: Narsil Sword

Narsil is another one of the most popular and powerful swords from Lord of the Rings. It was an important collectible of choice among the Dundain’s heirs and also the blade of the King. During the Last Alliance of Men & Elves, it was under the possession of King Elendil. The battle didn’t end well and Narsil was shattered into hundreds of pieces after the defeat of Elendil by Sauron. 

After the reign of Elendil, his son, Isildur was the next heir of Narsil (The left pieces of Narsil). You can estimate the power of Narsil Sword from its broken condition also. Isildur was able to knock down Sauron with sorry state Narsil. Unfortunately, the Narsil was never repaired again and passed on to the next heir. That’s why it is present in our list of 5 most powerful LOTR swords of all times. 

3: Sting Sword

Sting Sword, due to its amazing powers and storyline, appeared in both trilogies, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Forged by Elves, the Sting sword was a short short that fits perfectly into the wielder’s hands. That’s why it was considered a perfect sword for the Hobbits. Bilbo Baggins was the possessor of Sting Sword and from then to the finding of One Ring, it was known as its signature sword.

Due to its small size, Sting wasn’t meant for the King’s weapon. Yet it was one of the perfect swords that kept its wielder safer from the enemies. It possessed a special power. Whenever goblins or orcs tried to come near to the Sting Sword, it glowed bright blue. Due to this, the bilbo Baggins stayed alert. After Bilbo, its next possessor was Frodo. Both of them used this sword to its full extent and knocked down their enemies with their faster attacking abilities. 

4: Orchrist Sword

Orchrist, also known as Biter and Goblin-Cleaver, is one of the most phenomenal swords from Lord of the Rings. The Goblins were very scared from Orchrist because of its attacking and defensive abilities at the same time. Hundreds and thousands of Goblins lost their heads just because of this sword. Forged by the Elves especially for knocking down the Goblins, it was wielded by the Thorin II Oakenshield. He himself is also a dwarf, undoubtedly one of the best dwarfs with strong attacking abilities. 

After being in the cage of Elves of Mirkwood, Thorin lost the Orchrist sword. After that, Legolas became the wielder of this sword. Legolas also fought many battles with Orchrist. In some terminologies, the Orchrist is regarded as the big brother of Sting Sword. Likewise Sting, this sword also gives a sign to its wielder whenever it detects enemies nearby. 

5: Anduril Sword

If I could say that Anduril was the most powerful and most epic Lord of the Rings swords of all times, then it won’t be a single percent wrong. It was specially reforged for the Aragorn II Elessar. Initially, it was the shards or leftovers of Narsil which the Elves of Rivendell reforged into a kind of new sword that Aragorn called the Anduril Sword. This time, the Elves made it even stronger with the immune to stains and breaking. 

With this sword, Aragron was able to command and summon a ghost army against its enemies. The Sauron was even shivered while seeing the reforged blade. 

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