Top 5 Comic Book Superheroes who use Swords

Without any doubt, comic book superheroes are the favorite characters of our childhood. Some people love Spiderman, some Superman, many of us love Batman and so on. All of them possess some special magical powers that make them more interesting. Apart from the magical powers, all superheroes have some special kind of weapons like guns, swords, axes and hammer etc. 

Today in this article we are going to discuss Top 5 Comic Book Superheroes who use Swords. So, if you also want to know, then don’t miss out on this amazing content. 

  • Deadpool
  • Sif
  • Swordsman
  • Gamora
  • Wonder woman


Deadpool is an amazing superhero who can use any kind of weapons during the battles, but his main speciality is sword. He can do superb action with his pair of swords. Yes, you heard that right. He has 2 Swords that he uses occasionally, depending upon the situation. 

Like Indiana Jones, he mostly uses his gun. But when someone tries to show his skills and cleverness, he pulls the blades out. You might have seen Deadpool with his pair of swords in close combat when someone shows-off. Same is the case with himself. Apart from the enemies, whenever he wants to show-off, he uses his swords. In short, he is an attention grabber in the comics. But no one can deny his attacking and defensive swords skills. That’s why he is also present in our list. 

Lady Sif:

Where the comic industry is full of man superheroes with swords, there are two women who are also very popular with their swords. One of them is Lady Sif. 

After Thor, Lady Sif is one of the most popular Asgardian warriors. She joined the Marvel Universe in 1964. From then to now, she has a very strong role in comics. Also, she has become a prominent figure in the life of Thor. 

She prefers to use ol’ sword and a shield in most of her battles. It won’t be wrong to say that she is perfect in using swords. She got the swords skills that made her a prominent marvel character in fact a lady marvel character who can demolish enemies easily. With her boosted stamina and strength, she has knocked down several Asgardian figures and thousands of humans.


Swordsman, from Earth-616, is a popular and powerful character who became a hero after his crime life. He was a muscular character who carried a sharp sword in his hands for his enemies. Although he started his character life in an evil way, he became a nice guy who fought for the sake of peace. 

He was also from those powerful people who trained the mighty Clint Barton who eventually turned out into Hawkeye in the archery skills. But Jacques Duquesne’s life was full of ups and downs. After training Clint Barton, he started to steal things from the circus where he used to serve his great performances. After that, he joined the villains for greater evils. But as i said earlier about the ups and downs of his life, he became a respected Avenger in the 1960’s and 1970’s. 


Imagining Gamora without a sword won’t be a fair deal. She was one of the powerful fighters with her sword. In fact, she was a deadly one. If you have watched the comics, then you must be familiar with the fact that she doesn’t own magical powers or shear body strength. Gamora was in fact, very much deadly for her enemies. She was very close to her family and attacked each person who tried to stand against her family. This meant for her biological family as well as for the Guardian of the Galaxy. Her sword name was Godslayer which was more deadly than the bluster and other mighty weapons. 

Wonder woman:

Princess Diana never relied on any kind of warfare items before the New 52 Era. Her bracelets and golden lasso were defensive and offensive items in her weapons list. With her sheer strength and stamina, she was able to kill all her enemies easily. Due to such powers and stamina, she is one of the most recognizable female superheroes in the comic industry. Big thanks to her creators. 

Giving more powers and warfare items to Wonder Woman characters in New 52 and Rebirth eras, the creators amazed the fans to full extent. Diana developed a more militaristic and deadly outlook on superheroism. A bronze shield for boosting her defensive skills and a sword for increasing her attacking skills were added to her costume. Since then, she used a mixture of her skills against her enemies and won almost all the times. 

Apart from these comic superheroes, there are many others who use swords as their warfare item. But the top 5 are the above mentioned ones. 

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