Everything you need to know about Sora Keyblade.

Who is Sora?

Sora is the fictional character of Kingdom Hearts, the main promoter of Disney and Square Enix’s. Sora is portrayed as a keyblade wielder and lives on the islands of destiny along with his two best childhood friends Riku and Kairi. They planned to have a journey of the other world in order to find what lies beyond their home. During his journey, he took a weapon along him known as Keyblade.

Donald and Goofy are the primary partners of the Sora. They set on the journey for the search of a King named Mickey.

Sora’s Personality:

Like other heroes, Sora is a fearless and brave guy who always puts his own life in danger in order to protect others. In his whole journey, he endured throughout, but he remains steadfast. Sora has a soft corner in his heart for everyone, even for those who harmed him. This is because, once he got angry at Donald because he is saying that the story of His and Namine’s childhood doesn’t make sense. After this argument of Donald, he becomes angrier, but he controls himself and thinks about it in a peaceful attitude then he leaves them over the Castle Oblivion.

Sora’s Appearance

He would like to wear a blue t-shirt along with red cargo shorts and orange sandals. He used to wear white fingerless gloves and sometimes a black and white jacket. Sora wears a Mickey Mouse outfit in Chain of Memories and Kingdom Heart.

Sora Keyblade:

Sora keyblade is the first key blade that is used in the Kingdom Hearts series. It is a heavily featured and fuliginous weapon exercised by the main character Sora, as well as the number of prime characters of the series. As you know, the keyblade is one of the main parts of the battle. Sora participated in a number of wars and conquered a lot of occupied regions by his power, which is his keyblade and his friends.

Why Sora’s Keyblade is Special

The Keyblade of the Sora has a lot of value for him. It is near to his heart. He is so ambitious that he is able to fix others, keep other people safe and help those who are under someone’s oppression. His keyblade also has a magical power that is only known by the wielder.

Sora’s strength is his Keyblade:

Sora in his full power and strength when he is with his friend and his keyblade. Because he often says, “My power is My Friends”. He has a number of enemies, Aqua, Noctis, and Sephiroth. Sora is more than strong enough as compared to his enemies because of his friend’s strength and his dedication to their duty.

Why did Sora keep his keyblade along with him?

Sora is a man of strong dedication. He is always ready to help others. In Sora’s era, there were a lot of tribal conflicts, and some tribes wanted to take the people under their control. That’s why, he always kept his keyblade with him.

Why is Sora’s keyblade better than others?

Soras Keyblade is better than the other because of its unique key-like model, which operates any lock, and it proves very fruitful during the battle. Because of his unique design and sharp edges.

Significance of Sora’s Keyblade:

The importance of Sora’s keyblade can be seen in such a way that this story is cast in a movie. A game is also being established, which is well appreciated by the fans of Sora’s keyblade. A lot of people kept this Sora’s keyblade as a decoration piece in their home. It’s all about the key significance of Sora’s Keyblade.

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