Anime Inspired Zanbatou Slayer Sword & Red Captain America Shield Replica



Total length: 57.5″
Blade Length: 41.5″
Handle Length: 16″
Blade Construction: High-Quality Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
A cutout and a hole on blade, curved tip
Handle: Wooden with black leather Wrapped
Fitting: Solid Metal, Silver Antique Finish Pommel, and Guard
Free Mild Leather Sheath

Red Captain America Shield
Total Length: 23″
Width: 23″
Weight: 2.3 KG

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Zanbatou Slayer Sword & Captain America Shield:

Zanbatou Sword is a large, single-edge sword that belongs to historical Japan. The name meaning of this sword is “horse-slaying sword or horse chopping saber”. Anime-Inspired Slayer Sword originally came from China and then the anti-cavalry army made it in the same way. It consists of a large, and wide blade attached with an extended pole like a hilt. Anime sword is used in different animated movies and video games by different characters.

Captain America is a famous fictional character in American comic books. He plays the role in different movies, but in the Avengers series, he plays the most roles. A modern shield is his trademark item, it is the most offensive and defensive equipment. In a couple of years, Captain America used many shields that have different compositions and designs. The first shield of Captain America was the heater shield which was published in March 1941.

Zanbatou Sword Replica:

  • Replica Slayer Sword is high-quality stainless steel with a dull finish blade.
  • The total length of the Zanbatou Sword is 57.5”.
  • This overall length includes 41.5” blade length, and 16” handle length.
  • The blade has a cutout and hole on the blade that make it elegant.
  • Its handle is wooden made with black leather-wrapped.
  • The pommel and guard are made up of solid metal silver antiques.
  • You will get wild leather sheath free with the sword. 

    Captain America Replica Shield:

  • The total length of Replica Captain America Shield is 23”, and its width is also 23”.
  • The weight of this shield is 2.3 Kilogram.
  • It is a perfect pair for home decoration and cosplay. 

    We offer both Anime-Inspired Zanbatou Slayer Sword and Red Captain America Shield Replica for sale. Buy this fantastic pair of sword and shield, and it will be on your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days. Furthermore, explore more sets of replica items from our Hot Selling Sets category.

    Can I buy this product in bulk?

    Yes, you can buy this product in bulk.

    Does a sheath come with this product?

    Yes, You will get free leather sheath with this product.

    How much I have to pay for shipping?

    If you are living in the UK region, then shipping is 100% free.

    Additional information

    Weight 15 kg

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    2 reviews for Anime Inspired Zanbatou Slayer Sword & Red Captain America Shield Replica

    1. Leah (verified owner)

      The craftsmanship on this sword is excellent. It’s evident that great care went into its creation, and it’s a joy to behold.

    2. Leah (verified owner)

      The design of this sword is elegant and timeless. It’s a beautiful piece that adds sophistication to my collection.

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