Anime Senbonzakura Katana Sword & Cloud Advent Children Buster Fusion Sword



Total Length with Scabbard: 43.5″
Overall Length: 41″
Blade Length: 27.5″
Handle Length: 13.5″
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Wooden String Wrapped
Fitting: Solid Metal, Brass Finish Pommel and Guard
Ribbon wrapped on scabbard
Scabbard: Stainless steel black scabbard with brass fitting (Free)
Weight: 1.01 KG

Overall length:- 43.5″
Blade Length:- 32″
Handle Length:- 11.5″
Wide:- 7″

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Anime Senbonzakura Katana Sword & Cloud Buster Sword:

Katana is a Japanese type of sword identified by a curved, single-edged blade along with a circular or square shape guard. You can grip into two hands. Samurai of ancient and feudal Japan mostly use katana Sword. These swords are using for centuries to protect their beliefs and increase their power. It is an elegant addition to your home or office. If you like a samurai sword, it will be a perfect fit for the samurai swords fan.

The Fusion Sword is a popular sword of cloud strife in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It was the sequel film to Final Fantasy VII, in the movie buster sword is the most preferred prop in Final Fantasy. It is assembled by of six pieces by cloud strife. Fusion Buster Sword is a set of six swords, all these pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. After combining, it makes a single large sword, which makes it similar in size, and Cloud Buster’s iconic sword. The blade that forms the base of the six-piece sword is First Ken.

Buster Fusion Sword:

  • The overall length of the Cloud Buster Sword Replica is 43.5”.
  • Total length includes 32” blade length and 11.5” handle length.
  • The total width of the sword is 7”.
  • While holding the Cloud Sword, you will feel like cloud strife. 

    Anime Katana Sword:

  • The total length of the Anime Katana Sword Replica, along with scabbard, is 43.5 inches.
  • While the length without scabbard is 41”, which includes 27.5”, and the handle length is 13.5”.
  • Its blade is constructed with high-quality stainless steel.
  • We offer ribbon-wrapped scabbard with brass fitting free.
  • The total weight of Replica Katana Sword is 1.01 KG. 

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    Weight 9 kg

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    1. Alice (verified owner)

      I’m a collector of swords, and this one definitely stands out in my collection. The attention to detail is impressive, and it’s a real conversation starter.

    2. Luke (verified owner)

      This sword arrived on time and in perfect condition. It’s a quality piece that I’m proud to own.

    3. Savannah (verified owner)

      This sword arrived in perfect condition, thanks to its secure packaging. The quality is outstanding, and I’m thrilled with my purchase.

    4. Noah (verified owner)

      This sword has become my go-to weapon for stage combat. It’s reliable, safe, and looks great during performances.

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