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Demon Slayer – Muichiro Tokito – White Nichirin Blade – Pu Foam



  • Size: +/-102 cm
  • Material blade + handle: PU Foam

Description of Demon Slayer – Muichiro Tokito – White Nichirin Blade – Pu Foam:

Muichiro Tokito, a person from the famous anime and manga series “Demon Slayer,” is known for using a particular and extraordinary weapon – the White Nichirin Blade. This wonderful blade, created from top notch PU froth, catches the pith of Tokito’s personality and his uncommon battle abilities.

The White Nichirin blade is a devoted diversion of Tokito’s famous weapon, known for unadulterated white cutting edge separates it from the standard dark Nichirin Blades of other demon slayers. Created from PU froth, it finds some kind of harmony among validness and wellbeing for cosplay and collectible purposes.

This imitation estimates around 310 centimeters long, reliably reproducing the size and extents of Tokito’s sword from the series. The PU froth material guarantees that it is lightweight and simple to employ. By making it ideal for cosplay occasions, shows, or show in your assortment.

The scrupulousness on this Demon Slayer – Muichiro Tokito – White Nichirin Blade – Pu Foam is excellent. From the handle’s mind boggling plan to the engraved examples on the actual edge. The smooth and strong PU froth development makes it ok for cosplay fights. As well as guarantees that it will endure everyday hardship as a collectible piece.

Muichiro Tokito, known for his quiet and unemotional attitude. By uses the White Nichirin Blade with destructive accuracy in his journey to overcome demon. With this shocking copy, fans can drench themselves in the realm of “Demon Slayer” and channel the soul of Tokito as they leave on their own devil killing experiences.

Whether that is no joke Slayer devotee, a cosplayer searching for a true prop. Or essentially a gatherer of anime memorabilia. The White Nichirin Blade created from PU froth is a high priority expansion to your assortment. It catches the embodiment of Muichiro Tokito and his famous weapon. By permitting you to bring a piece of the devil killing activity into your own reality.

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