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Functional Squall Gunblade from Final Fantasy



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Overall Length: 38″
Blade Length: 28″
Handle: 10
Blade Type: High Quality Stainless Steel Includes Keychain Leonheart Insignia on hilt
You can pull the trigger and cylinder revolves and the hammer fires! (Nothing can actually be shot from this Blade but it is functional )
Free Mild leather Sheath
Engraved logo stamp in blade
Blade Weight: 2.2 KG


Gunblade Revolver Sword comes from the most famous video game in recent history. We have been offering quality swords for a long time and the Gunblade Revolver Sword is another addition to our arsenal. Among all the various Shop/Fantasy Swords, the Gunblade Revolver Sword has the best functionality. Moreover, the design of the sword is unique as well as beautiful. The sword is owned by Squall Leonheart who is the hero in the series. In fact, he only appears in the 8th game of the series.
Like all heroes, Squall Leonheart is brave.

His brown hair and blue eyes enhance his personality. He’s a fighter and fights for the Cosmos’s warriors. People love his attitude. However, he doesn’t care about any such thing and is only aware of his goals and ambitions which are to use the Gunblade Revolver Sword in order to remove all the enemies from the planet. The guy has a lot of powers and his combos are deadly. Moreover, he uses the Gunblade Revolver Sword to perform combos as well.

Product Features:


As mentioned, the Gunblade Revolver Sword is unique and better than almost all the swords seen in various Shop/Video Games Swords and movies. The main features of the sword are detailed below.

  • The length of the sword is almost 38 inches.
  • These 38 inches comprise of 28 ½ inches of the blade and 9 ½ inches of the handle.
  • The weight heavily influences the ways the sword can be used.
  • This sword is a bit heavy and is only designed for professional who know a bit about swords.
  • The weight of the sword is more than 2 kilograms.
  • In fact, the sword weighs 2.12 kilograms.
  • The swords that we offer are strong and resilient to almost anything.
  • Like all other swords, this sword is also made up of stainless steel.
  • The hilt of the sword has Lionheart Insignia.
  • Along with the sword, we offer Display stand for free.
  • The sword comes with a revolver as well. You can fire the trigger to see that. However, in order to keep thing safe, nothing comes out on firing.
  • If you are willing to buy this sword at an affordable price, then place your order now and get it within the next 3-5 working days. Apart from this sword, you can get more swords from our platform, so visit our Video Games Swords, Movie TV Swords, and other categories.

    Is it a real or replica Gunblade Revolver Sword?

    It is just a replica sword for entertainment purpose.

    Which things come free with this functional Gunblade?

    A mild leather sheath comes free with this functional Gunblade.

    How much I have to pay for shipping at my doorstep?

    If you are living in UK, then shipping is 100% free.

    Additional information

    Weight 3.5 kg

    Customer Reviews

    2 reviews for Functional Squall Gunblade from Final Fantasy

    1. Claire (verified owner)

      This sword is a fantastic addition to my medieval-themed decorations. It looks fantastic hanging on my wall.

    2. Oliver (verified owner)

      The blade on this sword is incredibly sharp. It easily cuts through targets and holds its edge well.

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