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Genshin Impact – Sword of Jean – Skyward Blade



  • Length: +/- 120 cm
  • Material: Bamboo wood

Description of Genshin Impact – Sword of Jean – Skyward Blade:

The Skyward Blade is a profoundly desired 5-star sword in Genshin Impact, and it’s frequently connected with the person Jean because of its exquisite plan and mending centered capacities. This weapon has a one of a kind arrangement of traits and capacities that pursue it a top decision for characters who focus on recuperating and energy age.

The Skyward Blade’s base assault begins at a great 46, making it an impressive weapon concerning crude harm potential. Its optional detail is Energy Re-energize, which is particularly significant for characters like Jean who depend on their essential burst capacities for mending and backing.

One of the champion elements of the Genshin Impact – Sword of Jean – Skyward Blade is its extraordinary detach capacity, “Sky-Piercing Fang.” This capacity has a half opportunity to set off on a basic hit and awards the person a Sigil of Murmurs. At the point when you have four Sigils of Murmurs, they will be consume to make a vacuum blade that bargains Aloe harm and mends the person for 20% of their maximum HP. This recuperating impact can be a lifeline in testing fights, permitting characters like Jean to support their group.

Moreover, the weapon’s Climb Materials incorporate materials like the Crown of Understanding, which is an important asset utilize for character ability step up. This makes the Skyward Blade considerably more alluring for players hoping to amplify their characters’ true capacity.

The sword’s aloof capacity, “Energy Amplification,” likewise upgrades energy re-energize. It expands the CRIT Rate and Development SPD by 10% and builds the ATK SPD by 5% for 12s subsequent to utilizing a Natural Burst. This impact can pile up to twice and gives a critical lift to a person’s general exhibition, permitting them to bargain more harm while keeping up with their help job.

In synopsis, the Skyward Blade is a top-level weapon in Genshin Effect, especially reasonable for characters like Jean who underline mending and backing. Its high base assault, Energy Re-energize detail, and one of a kind detach capacities settle on it a sought-after decision for players hope to enhance their group’s exhibition in battle and investigation.

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