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One Piece – Katana Of Kozuki Oden – Ame No Habakiri



  • Size: +/-103 cm
  • Material blade: Wood
  • Not sharp

Description of One Piece – Katana Of Kozuki Oden – Ame No Habakiri:

The Katana of Kozuki Oden, known as Ame No Habakiri, is an unbelievable blade profoundly imbued in the legend of the One Piece world. This remarkable katana bears the name of its previous wielder, Kozuki Oden, a urgent person in the series respected for his solidarity and assurance. Ame No Habakiri is an image of Oden’s unimaginable power and his faithful obligation to safeguarding his kin and the insider facts of Wano Country.

Created by ace swordsmiths in the celebrated Place that is known for Wano, Ame No Habakiri flaunts an impeccable cutting edge, eminent for its unprecedented sharpness and strength. Its extremely sharp edge can easily cut through essentially anything, making it a considerable weapon in the possession of a talented fighter. The blade’s perfect plan mirrors the customary craftsmanship and masterfulness of Wano, with perplexing handle and watchman subtleties that give recognition to its rich legacy.

Moreover, Ame No Habakiri’s importance stretches out past its actual ability. It is one of the 21 Incredible Grade swords, a grouping saved for the world’s most extraordinary edges. However, The blade’s celebrated history and its association with the Kozuki group’s heritage in Wano make it a sought after treasure for gatherers and lovers the same. Its unmistakable dark red handle and casing are symbolic of the power it uses and the bloodline it addresses.

Moreover, In the realm of One Piece, Ame No Habakiri isn’t simply a weapon except for an image of trust, equity, and the unyielding soul of its previous proprietor. Its presence is interwove with the secrets of the Void 100 years and a definitive objective of the Straw Cap Privateers, adding an emanation of persona to this exceptional katana. Whether showed as a gatherer’s piece or used during the most intense part of the conflict, the Katana of Kozuki Oden, Ame No Habakiri, remains as a demonstration of the persevering through tradition of its incredible proprietor and the legendary experiences of the One Piece universe.

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