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Gladiator Movie Maximus Sword silver finish



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Overall Length with Scabbard: 41″
Handle Material:Imitation Ivory
Total Length: 40″
Blade Length: 31″
Scabbard Material:Leather and Wood (Free)
Handle Length: 9″
Blade Material: High Quality Stainless Steel

Gladiator Maximus Sword Story:

If you see the Gladiators of the Roman time, they were in a different role. Gladiator was an armed combatant, in which some entertain the audiences, and some save the Roman Empire from violent confrontations either from wild animals or criminals. DreamWorks Pictures and Universal Pictures made a film on the Gladiators in 2000. The Gladiator story is about a Roman General Maximus, who started fighting after the Emperor killed his father and seized his throne.

Maximus uses a sword called Gladiator Maximus Sword. The other name of the sword is Gladius. It represents a primary sword of the Ancient Roman soldiers. The shape of the Gladius was similar to the other Greek sword called xiphos. We have this Ancient Roman Maximus Gladius Sword. Our masters make it as like the Ancient Sword.

Product Details:

If you want to buy Gladiator Movie Maximus Sword replica, read the product details first.

  • The overall length of the Gladius Blade Replica with scabbard is 41”.
  • Without scabbard, the total length of the Gladiator Movie Replica Sword is 40”.
  • Maximus Gladiator Sword length includes 31” blade length and 9” handle length.
  • You will get scabbard free made of leather and wood.
  • Gladiator Sword blade is made with high-quality stainless steel.


We offer Authentic Roman Gladius Replica for sale at affordable prices. If you want to buy it on your doorstep, then order now and get it on your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days. You can also choose another version of Gladius Sword from our Gladiator Swords category.

Can I buy it in bulk?

Yes, you can buy it as per your requirements.

Which things come free with this Gladius Replica Sword?

A scabbard comes free with the Gladiator Maximus Sword.

How much I have to pay for shipping at my doorstep?

If you are living in UK, then shipping is 100% free.

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Weight 3.5 kg

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