Hashibira Inosuke Demon Slayer Sword



  • Total length: 35 inches
  • Blade’s length: 25.7 inches
  • Handle length: 9.06 inches
  • Handle Material: Hard Plastic
  • Blade Material: Bamboo Wood

Description of Hashibira Inosuke Demon Slayer Sword:

Introducing our Hashibira Inosuke, a conspicuous person from the famous anime and manga series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” uses a particular and fearsome Demon Slayer Sword. Not at all like customary Slayer sword, Inosuke’s weapon stands apart because of its eccentric plan and the person’s exceptional battle style.

  • Serious level of rebuilding.
  • Protected, not sharp, can be bought with certainty.
  • The shade of the shower paint on the casing and edge is exceptionally beautiful.
  • What’s more, the shower paint isn’t not difficult to tumble off, regardless of whether you utilize your nails to scratch it, it won’t tumble off.
  • Extraordinary looking ,durable, safe, lightweight, and simple to convey, ideal for pretending and show

Unconventional Design:

The sword flaunts a strange plan that reflects his wild and untamed nature. The actual edge is more limited than the typical Slayer sword, considering faster and more light-footed developments. The handle is wrapped with swathes, giving Inosuke a protected grasp regardless of his propensity to utilize his teeth to hold the sword. The general appearance of the sword lines up with Inosuke’s rough and savage persona.

Beast Breathing Style:
Inosuke’s battle method, known as the Beast Breathing style, supplements the sword’s plan. His style centers around copying the developments and impulses of wild beasts, improving his spryness and flightiness in fight. The blend of his sword’s special plan and the Beast Breathing style awards Inosuke an edge against evil spirits.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Sword isn’t just a weapon however an expansion of his body and battle reasoning. Its minimized size and Inosuke’s dominance of the Beast Breathing style permit him to switch among offense and protection quickly. He can benefit from openings, exploit foe shortcomings, and perform quick hits with amazing accuracy.


Its capricious design, matched with the Beast’s style, epitomizes Hashibira Inosuke Demon Slayer Sword assurance and his capacity to adjust quickly to the difficulties presented by the evil spirit pervaded world he possesses.

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