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Kenshin – Reverse Blade Katana



  • Length: +/-105 cm
  • Material: Wooden blade

Description of Kenshin – Reverse Blade Katana:

Kenshin -Reverse Blade Katana” is a famous and notorious weapon highlighted in the well known Japanese manga and anime series “Rurouni Kenshin,” made by Nobuhiro Watsuki. This remarkable katana, use by the series’ hero, Kenshin Himura. It holds an exceptional spot in the hearts of fans and has turned into an image of both the person and the actual series.

The Reverse Blade Katana is unmistakable from a commonplace katana. That its blade is honed within bend, rather than the outside. This plan decision mirrors Kenshin’s commitment at no point ever to kill in the future. As the reverse blade guarantees that it won’t convey deadly blows. This emblematic change from a destructive professional killer to a meandering fighter looking for penance is key to Kenshin’s personality improvement.

Create by the fictitious swordsmith Arai Shakkū, the Reverse Blade Katana is a magnum opus of craftsmanship. It flaunts a smooth and exquisite plan with a basic tsuba (monitor) and a tsuka (grip) enclosed by conventional white fabric. The grip is engrave with the kanji characters for “sakabatō,” and that signifies reverse blade.

The blade itself is fashion from great steel, and its exceptional shape permits Kenshin to utilize non-deadly methods. While as yet showing his amazing swordsmanship abilities. The sword’s Reverse Blade is great for incapacitating rivals and debilitating them without hurting.

All through the series, Kenshin utilizes the reverse Katana to safeguard the blameless and maintain equity. His devotion to his promise and his obligation to a non-deadly way separate him from numerous different characters in the samurai kind. The sword turns into a strong image of his reclamation and the strength of his convictions.

Kenshin’s Katana isn’t simply a weapon however a portrayal of the person’s conflicts. Under the surface and his relentless longing to offer to set things straight for his past activities. Its unmistakable plan, history, and the ethical standards. It typifies make it a notorious and important part of the “Rurouni Kenshin” series, dearest by fans around the world.

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