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Custom Made Medieval themed Batleth Black



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Medieval Bat’leth
Total Length: 45″
Weight: 2.37 KG
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Stainless Steel, Black String wrapped comfortable grip

Medieval Themed Batleth:

The Batleth is a double-sided sword or scimitar that has a curved blade. It is a highly edged prop with four points edges and three handholds on the back. Dan Curry design it and created it for Star Trek: The Next Generation. The next producer Dan Curry called it “one of the iconic images associated with the show.” He started a smaller version, which becomes the symbol of the franchise, people like and preferred it on other things. This Medieval Themed Batleth design relates to the Chinese fighting crescent. First, Dan Curry created this prop in 1990 for Worf for the Michael Dorn in the Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This medieval Batleth, also known as the sword of honor, is used within canons. It is a famous warfare item that is mostly used by skillful martial arts people. These Batleth’s are used widely in costume, so we are presenting the popular Star Trek Batleth Black edition at affordable prices. It is dull finished and made with high-quality stainless steel.

Product Specifications:

  • It is a replica custom made medieval-themed Batleth Black edition.
  • The Medieval Batleth blade is made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • The replica Batleth has 45” in total length.
  • The blade finish is not sharpened; it is dull finished.
  • The total weight of the replica batleth is 2.37 KG.
  • It has a comfortable grip that is wrapped with a black string.
  • Batleth is a perfect product to play a role in cosplay or for home decoration. 

    We are offering Bat’leth Medieval themed black edition for sale. If you want to buy, order now, and it will be on your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days. You can further buy more medieval items from our Medieval Replica Swords category.

    Can I buy this product in bulk?

    Yes, you can buy as per your requirements.

    From which material it is made?

    It is made with the high-quality stainless stee.

    What are the shipping charges?

    If you are living in the UK, then shipping is 100% free.

    Additional information

    Weight 3.5 kg

    Customer Reviews

    2 reviews for Custom Made Medieval themed Batleth Black

    1. Addison (verified owner)

      I’ve used this sword for sparring, and it has held up remarkably well. The blade is sturdy and shows no signs of wear.

    2. Joshua (verified owner)

      This sword looks even better in person than in the pictures. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and it’s a real showpiece.

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