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Wonder Woman – God Killer Sword



  • Length: +/- 102cm
  • Material: High quality Foam, PU


Description of Wonder Woman – God Killer Sword:

The God Killer Sword, otherwise called the Sword of Athena, is an incredible and notable weapon related with Wonder Woman, the Amazonian princess and superheroine of DC Comic books. This heavenly weapon assumes a vital part in her legend and represents her solidarity, assurance, and obligation to equity.

The Sword flaunts a rich and complex plan that catches the substance of both old folklore and trend setting innovation. Its edge is a work of art of craftsmanship, estimating roughly 30 inches long, with a twofold edge, extremely sharp edge that glimmers with a supernatural brightness. Produce from an unbelievably interesting and strong material known as “Amazonium,” the sword’s metal is almost indestructible, fit for slicing through almost anything, including the reinforcement of divine beings and legendary animals.

The grip of the God Killer Sword is similarly noteworthy, including an unmistakable plan that consolidates the imagery of Diana’s legacy. The crossguard appears as a complicatedly etched hawk, addressing the seal of Themyscira, women’s country. The grasp is envelope by a flexible, dark red calfskin that gives a protect hold as well as upgrades the sword’s stylish allure.

The sword’s capacities go past physical may. It is likewise a course for Diana’s heavenly association with the lords of Olympus. With the God Killer Sword in her grasp, she can bridle and channel divine energy, releasing wrecking assaults and heavenly powers against her enemies. This novel part of the sword adds profundity to wonder women personality, stressing her job as an extension between the human and heavenly universes.

In wonder women hands, the Sword turns into an image of trust and equity, an image of her faithful obligation to safeguard the guiltless and battle against oppression. Its set of experiences is saturated with folklore, and its presence on the war zone strikes dread into the hearts of lowlifes and scalawags.

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