Demon Slayer Sword Rengoku Tanjirou



  • Overall Length: 101 cm/40 inch
  • Blade Length: 67 cm/26 inch
  • Handle Length: 27 cm/10.6 inch
  • Blade Width: 3.2 cm/1.26 inch
  • Blade Material: Handmade High carbon steel
  • Saya Material: High-quality wood & leather
  • Tsuba Material: Premium Alloy Fittings

Description of Demon Slayer Sword Rengoku Tanjirou:

Reveal the magnificence, craftsmanship, and history with our handmade Demon Slayer Sword .Fastidiously intended for fans, gatherers, and even heroes the same, this is something other than a sword – it’s a demonstration of creativity and enthusiasm.

Features and Details:

Authentic Craftsmanship: Every blade is completely high quality, promising a remarkable relic in each piece. The high carbon steel cutting edge has been produced and cleaned over and over utilizing respected methods, giving it unrivaled strength and a stunning sheen.

Full-Tang Battle-Ready Blade : This isn’t simply a masterpiece. Our edge is end to end length, practical, and fight prepared, intended to hold its edge and sturdiness significantly under requesting conditions.

Presenting the staggering Demon Slayer Sword Rengoku Tanjirou edition – a genuine work of art made to respect the brave soul of the eminent person from the Devil Slayer series. Submerge yourself in the realm of devil slayers as you employ this fastidiously planned reproduction of Rengoku Tanjirou’s sword. This gatherer’s thing is a demonstration of the devotion and craftsmanship of its makers, catching each perplexing subtlety that made Rengoku’s blade an image of faithful assurance.

The edge of the Evil spirit Slayer Blade Rengoku Tanjirou version is fashion from excellent treat steel, guaranteeing strength and a bona fide tasteful that reflects the first plan. The edge’s dazzling angle shading mirrors the blazes of Rengoku’s savage battle style, really rejuvenating the person. The grip is decorate with painstakingly reproduce designs, giving an agreeable grasp that considers simple taking care of during both showcase and cosplay. Whether gladly displayed in your assortment or employed as a feature of your ensemble, this sword epitomizes the substance of Rengoku’s personality.

Moreover, Every Demon Slayer Sword Rengoku Tanjirou release accompanies a wonderfully planned casing that supplements the cutting edge’s feel. Made with accuracy, the casing highlights multifaceted inscriptions and strong red accents, reflecting Rengoku’s famous fire design. Show the blade on your wall utilizing the included wall mount or convey it on your back with the movable shoulder tie, permitting you to encapsulate the soul of a genuine evil presence slayer.

Integrating both imaginativeness and legitimacy, the Demon Slayer Sword Rengoku Tanjirou edition is an unquestionable requirement for fans and gatherers the same. Raise your deference for the Evil spirit Slayer series and honor the remarkable person of Rengoku Tanjirou with this outstanding sword reproduction that consistently mixes the universes of fiction and reality.


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