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Goblin Slayer – Shield And Sword Set



  • Sword size: +/- 90 cm
  • Material: LARP, Foam

Description of Goblin Slayer – Shield And Sword Set:

In the unforgiving universe of “Goblin Slayer,” where peril hides everywhere, the protagonist is an image of resolute purpose and persevering quest for troll destruction. This Shield and Sword Set is a devoted reproduction of the weapons that characterize his personality, making it an optimal expansion to any fan’s assortment or cosplay gathering.

The set incorporates two primary parts: the Goblin Slayer – Shield And Sword Set, each overflowing with many-sided subtleties and craftsmanship.

The Goblin Slayer Sword is a threatening weapon, reflecting the rough stylish of the series. Its blade, cast in top notch treat steel, includes an upset, fight worn get done with, giving it a bona fide, endure appearance. The cross-watch is decorate with many-side troll themes, exhibiting the hero’s persistent journey for retaliation. With a significant length and weight, this sword feels significant in your grasp, making it ideal for show or pretend.

Supplementing the Goblin Slayer – Shield And Sword Set, an essential embellishment in the person’s weapons store. Made from strong materials, the safeguard includes a focal picture of a growling goblin. The filling in as a consistent sign of the hero’s resolute reason. The troubled metal completion and calfskin lashes summon a feeling of coarse authenticity. By moving you straightforwardly into the universe of “Goblin Slayer.”

Showing these two pieces together makes a striking and reminiscent portrayal of the lead protagonist’s persona. Whether you’re exhibiting them in your assortment or wearing them as a component of a cosplay. This set makes certain to blow some people’s minds and flash discussions among individual fans.

The Sword Set isn’t simply a gatherer’s thing; it’s a demonstration of the devotion of the makers and the enthusiasm of the fans. It epitomizes the embodiment of the series, helping us to remember the tireless quest for equity in a world loaded up with murkiness and risk. Bring back this unprecedented set. And join the positions of the individuals who appreciate and love the dauntless Goblin Slayer.

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