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Highlander – Clan Macleod Sword



Length: 110cm
Blade Length: 83cm
Weight: 2kg
Blade: AISI 440 Stainless Steel
Edge: Blunt
Pommel: Threaded
Scabbard: None

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

Description of Highlander – Clan Macleod Sword:

In the iconic classic Highlander, the immortal Connor Macleod held the Clan Macleod Family Sword. He used it as a grave monument from the time of his first conflict with the Kurgan and Clan Fraser in 1536 until the death of his wife in 1590. After the immortal Kane breaks his katana, he returns in 1995 to get the weapon. The sword is still there, despite being battered by the passage of time.

Our Clan Macleod Sword create in Toledo, Spain at the renowned Marto workshop under legal license. It has a brown suede-wrapped grip and a steel hilt with “Macleod” inscribed across the guard.

Presenting the Highlander Clan MacLeod Sword – a magnificently created weapon that gives proper respect to the rich legacy and incredible ability of the MacLeod faction. This dazzling blade typifies the substance of the High country soul, exemplifying the unyielding boldness and relentless unwaveringness that have characterized the MacLeod heredity for a really long time.

Fashioned by talented craftsmans utilizing revered procedures, the Faction MacLeod Sword brags an edge unmatched quality. Created from high-carbon hardened steel, the edge stuns with its faultless mirror finish as well as ensures remarkable sturdiness and sharpness. Its twofold edged plan is a sign of approval for the faction’s flexible and versatile nature, making it an imposing weapon in both offense and safeguard.

The handle of the sword is a genuine masterpiece, including perplexing Celtic bunch designs that praise the MacLeod’s well established association with their Scottish legacy. The strong metal crossguard and wallop show careful enumerating, further highlighting the sword’s great tasteful. The calfskin wrapped handle gives an agreeable grasp, guaranteeing that wielders can move the blade effortlessly, similarly as the MacLeod heroes of old.

Given a shocking showcase plaque, the Highlander Clan MacLeod Sword is in excess of a simple weapon – it’s a loved seal of tribe pride and history. Whether exhibited as a highlight in your assortment or grasped, this blade catches the bravery and legacy of the MacLeod faction, welcoming you to remember the stories of their courageous past with each look and contact. Join the positions of unfading heroes by claiming this remarkable piece of craftsmanship that overcomes any issues among history and present day imaginativeness.


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