Highlander – Kurgan Sword



Length: 125cm
Blade Length: 97cm
Weight: 3kg

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece

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Description of Highlander – Kurgan Sword:

In the cult classic Highlander from the 1980s, the immortal Kurgan carried this famous blade. In his conflict with the Clan Macleod in 1536, he is first shown using it to injure Connor Macleod and nearly take his life. The Kurgan also uses this blade to overpower and behead Ramirez, Connor’s mentor. This sword is last seen during his titanic final conflict with Connor Macleod.
Despite being manufactured to the exact same specs as the original licensed product, this item is currently off-licence. The renowne Marto sword factory, located in Toledo, Spain, is where our Kurgan Sword made. It has a leather-wrapped handle and cast metal hilt components with retractable blade spikes. The enormous 420 stainless steel blade is finish with mirror shine.

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Moreover, Presenting the Highlander Kurgan Sword – a hauntingly strong blade that epitomizes the pernicious embodiment of the Kurgan, quite possibly of the most over the top fearsome bad guy in realistic history. So, This carefully created sword is a genuine portrayal of the Kurgan’s ruthless and steady nature, intended to strike dread into the hearts of the two humans and immortals the same.

Fashioned with an unfaltering obligation to detail, the Kurgan Sword includes a vile edge that reflects the very murkiness prowling inside its wielder’s spirit. Made from great hardened steel, the sharp edge flaunts a fiendishly serrated edge that clues at the Kurgan’s inclination for savagery. The sharp edge’s pure black completion radiates a quality of malice, making it a premonition presence whether showed as a collectible or used as an image of force.

The handle of the sword is a wound show-stopper, highlighting barbed and topsy-turvy plans that reverberation the Kurgan’s turbulent character. The cast metal grip is enhance with tormenting skull themes, filling in as a terrible sign of the Kurgan’s grotesque nature. The endured and fight worn appearance of the grip addresses the incalculable fights this sword has seen, reflecting the Kurgan’s long and blood-splashed history.

Given an extraordinary presentation plaque, the Highlander Kurgan Sword isn’t simply a weapon, yet a demonstration of the mind boggling bad guy that enlivened its creation. Whether you honestly love the Highlander establishment or a gatherer of dim and impressive weaponry, this sword permits you to claim a piece of the Kurgan’s heritage. Embrace the murkiness and channel the savage force of this famous bad guy with a sword that exemplifies his vindictive soul.

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