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Authentic Samurai Damascu Red Folded Wakizahsi Sword



  • Overall Length: 30 inches (76 cm)
  • Blade Length: (51 cm)
  • Handle Length: 8.2 inches (21 cm)

Description of Authentic Samurai Damascu Red Folded Wakizahsi Sword:

This Authentic Samurai Damascus Red Folded Wakizashi Sword is a genuine show-stopper, repeating the soul and imaginativeness of Japan’s incredible samurai fighters. Every sword is hand-produce with folded steel, an interaction that includes collapse and pounding the steel various times to make an edge of excellent strength and excellence. The complicated examples on the sharp edge, suggestive of streaming water, are a sign of this fastidious interaction.

The edge of the sharp edge is hand-hone utilizing a conventional Japanese whetstone, bring about an unquestionably sharp and strong edge that is prepare for use or show. The excellent wooden saya, or sheath, is the ideal supplement to this flawless sharp edge, offering both assurance and tasteful allure.

The handle is a show-stopper in itself, highlighting real beam skin and hard wood. This mix gives an agreeable and secure grasp as well as adds to the sword’s genuine and sumptuous feel. The top notch iron tsuba, or hand watch, is both utilitarian and delightfully planned, adding equilibrium and security to this remarkable weapon.

Whether you are a military craftsman, a gatherer of fine swords, or basically somebody who values the excellence and craftsmanship of Japanese culture, this Wakizashi sword is a priority expansion to your assortment.

Carefully created by gifted craftsmans, this magnum opus includes a hand-forged Damascus steel blade , made through many-sided collapsing strategies that outcome in a hypnotizing grain design. The rich red tsuka (handle) is enclosed by certified rayskin and silk ito, giving a protected grasp and visual charm. A tsuba (watch) embellished with complex themes further epitomizes the sword’s class. This Authentic Samurai Damascu Red Folded Wakizahsi Sword gives recognition to the samurai’s resolute soul, mixing dazzling craftsmanship with verifiable importance, making it a prized collectible and an image of the hero’s ethos.

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