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Japanese Samurai Damascus Red Folded Steel Katana Sword



  • Overall Length: 103 cm / 40.6 inch
  • Blade Length: 73 cm / 28.7 inch
  • Handle Length: 27 cm / 10.6 inch

Description of Japanese Samurai Damascus Red Folded Steel Katana Sword:

Set out on an excursion back to the age of the samurai with this flawless, high quality Katana. Fastidiously intended to be an ideal mix of excellence and flexibility, this sword is an embodiment of Japanese craftsmanship.

The Japanese Samurai Damascus Red Folded Steel Katana Sword exemplifies the choice combination of customary craftsmanship and present day development. Created with careful scrupulousness. This sword remains as a recognition for the tradition of the samurai and their obligation flawlessly.

Fashioned from red folded steel, the cutting edge brags an entrancing example suggestive streaming water. It accomplished through endless layers of steel carefully folded and manufactured together. This cycle improves the cutting edge’s strength as well as results in an outwardly enrapturing stylish that mirrors the exchange of light and shadow.

The katana’s extremely sharp edge, prestigious for its cutting accuracy, cuts easily through different mediums. By displaying the expertise of the expert sword smiths who carefully sharpened the cutting edge. Its masterfully created tsuka (handle) is enveloped by real beam skin and bound with customary cotton. It offering a solid hold and a dash of genuineness.

The tsuba (watch) includes a many-sided plan that repeats the rich social legacy of Japan. It portraying images that hold profound importance. The habaki (cutting edge collar) flawlessly interfaces the edge to the sheath. With guaranteeing a cozy fit and adding to the sword’s general charm.

Introduced in a rich lacquered saya (sheath), the katana isn’t just a useful weapon yet a show-stopper that radiates class and strength. Whether showed in an assortment or used by a gifted expert, the sword is a demonstration of the getting through. The tradition of the samurai and the immortal excellence of Japanese sword smithing. Unveil a storied legacy with this masterpiece that honors the spirit of the samurai.


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