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Hand Forged Folded Steel Japanese Samurai
Hand Forged Folded Steel Japanese Samurai Original price was: £403.96.Current price is: £201.98.
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Authentic Black Steel Japanese Samurai Katana Swords
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Handmade Red Japanese Sword Samurai Katana


Original price was: £353.96.Current price is: £176.98.

  • Overall Length: A striking 103 cm (40.6 inches) from tip to pommel, capturing the katana’s commanding presence.
  • Blade Length: A gracefully curved 73 cm (28.7 inches) blade showcases the mastery of form and function.
  • Handle Length: With a handle measuring 27 cm (10.6 inches), the katana provides a secure and comfortable grip, enabling fluid and controlled movements.

Description of Handmade Red Japanese Sword Samurai Katana:

Introducing the Masterpiece of Tradition and Craftsmanship, the Exquisite Handmade Red Japanese Sword Samurai Katana

Behold the Handmade Red Japanese Sword Samurai Katana, the epitome of enduring elegance and superb craftsmanship. This magnificent object honors the illustrious history of the samurai while skillfully merging conventional artistry with contemporary usefulness. This exquisitely precise katana is a monument to the commitment and talent of expert craftsmen.


Blade: This blade was painstakingly forged from Damascus steel and features an amazing 10-fold structure. Each fold is a labor of love that adds to the blade’s toughness and personality. The blade resonates with the spirit of traditional forging methods since it has been perfectly heat tempered.

Edge: Using genuine Japanese techniques, the blade’s edge is painstakingly honed to a razor-sharp precision.

Tang: The end to end length development guarantees a strong connection among cutting edge and handle, blessing the katana with amazing solidness and equilibrium. So, This plan honors the samurai’s immovable obligation to accuracy and strength.

Tsuba: Enhancing the katana is a perfectly itemized amalgam tsuba. Its many-sided plan mirrors the refined style of Japanese blade fittings, complementing the sword’s visual charm.

Presenting the Handmade Red Japanese Sword Samurai Katana – a magnificently created mix of customary imaginativeness and current accuracy. Moreover, Submerge yourself in the rich legacy of the samurai with this flawless katana that epitomizes the quintessence of Japanese blade making. Painstakingly produced by talented craftsmans, the cutting edge is made out of high-carbon steel, guaranteeing excellent strength and edge maintenance.

Moreover, The sharp edge’s particular red shade is accomplished through a careful intensity therapy process, bringing about a striking visual that honors the samurai’s faithful energy and commitment. The multifaceted hamon (temper line) along the edge improves its tasteful allure as well as validates the sharp edge’s uncommon hardness. So, The extremely sharp edge cuts through the air with elegance, mirroring the consistent combination of structure and capability.

The tsuka (handle) includes a lavish yet ergonomic plan. Fastidiously enclosed by certified beam skin and decorated with a customary red silk ito (string). This gives a protected and agreeable hold, permitting you to use the katana with accuracy and artfulness. The tsuba (monitor) grandstands a fastidiously itemized theme that repeats the katana’s verifiable importance, while the menuki (fancy knob) adds a bit of refined tastefulness.

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