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Assassins Creed – Sword of Altaïr – Cosplay Foam



  • Length: +/- 88cm
  • Material: PU with PVC core

Description of Assassins Creed – Sword of Altaïr – Cosplay Foam:

The Assassins Creed – Sword of Altaïr – Cosplay Foam is an unquestionable requirement for any dedicated enthusiast of the famous computer game establishment. Made with fastidious meticulousness, this froth reproduction of Altaïr’s amazing sword brings the person’s savage and exquisite battle style to life in shocking design. Whether you’re a devoted cosplayer or basically a gatherer hoping to show this famous weapon, the Sword of Altaïr is a commendable expansion to your munititions stockpile.

This foam sword is plan considering cosplay fans, flaunting a lightweight yet sturdy development that guarantees both wellbeing and legitimacy. Its froth material is delicate and malleable, making it ideal for reasonable and safe pretend. The sword highlights complicate plan components, for example, the particular crossguard and bend cutting edge, which are devote to the in-game weapon’s appearance. This scrupulousness guarantees that your Professional killers Ideology cosplay will be completely fabulous.

Estimating around 35 creeps long, this froth sword finds some kind of harmony among size and reasonability, making it simple to convey and use during shows or cosplay occasions. The froth development additionally guarantees that it conforms to somewhere safe guidelines all things considered shows, permitting you to certainly feature your cosplay with practically no worries.

The Sword of Altaïr foam copy isn’t simply a striking piece for cosplay; it’s likewise an incredible collectible for any Professional killers Doctrine lover. Whether showed on a wall mount or as a feature of your gaming memorabilia assortment, this froth blade fills in as a shocking ice breaker and a demonstration of your commitment to the establishment.

In outline, the Assassins Creed – Sword of Altaïr – Cosplay Foam is a top notch, lightweight, and complicatedly planned froth imitation of the famous sword employed by Altaïr in the game. Whether you’re hoping to finish your Professional killers Doctrine cosplay, participate in safe pretend, or add a one of a kind collectible to your gaming place of worship, this froth sword is a phenomenal decision that will most likely dazzle both individual fans and rookies to the series the same.

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