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Japanese Damascus Katana Sword
Japanese Damascus Katana Sword Original price was: £389.96.Current price is: £194.98.
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Steel Crane Tsuba Japanese Sword Original price was: £389.96.Current price is: £194.98.

Full Tang Blade Chinese Sword


Original price was: £563.96.Current price is: £281.98.

  • Overall Length: 103 cm
  • Blade Length: 73 cm
  • Handle Length: 27 cm

Description of Full Tang Blade Chinese Sword:

Made with fastidious meticulousness, this Full Tang Blade Chinese Sword is a magnum opus that joins conventional craftsmanship with current designing. It is something beyond a sword; it is a piece of history, an image of custom and regard, and a work of art that has been consummated over hundreds of years.

Authentic Importance:
Establish in Chinese history, these swords follow back to dynastic times and were employ by fighters, officers, and military specialists. With every blade conveying a special heritage, they act as a substantial connection to China’s military past.

Construction and Design:
Portrayed by an full tang the sharp edge reaches out through the grip, offering unrivaled strength and equilibrium. Regularly produced using high-carbon steel, the cutting edge goes through fastidious manufacturing, treating, and cleaning. The arch of the edge, frequently tenderly undulating, adds to its cutting proficiency and class.

Hilt and Guard:
The hilt, customarily created from wood, bone, or ivory, gives an agreeable grasp. Elaborate plans, multifaceted carvings, and fancy tufts adorn the grip, displaying the combination of military capability and imaginative articulation. The guard, normally round or D-molded, safeguards the hand and adds stylish energy.

Balance and Handling:
The cautious balance accomplished through the mix of an full tang guarantees ideal taking care of and mobility. This harmony among cutting edge and handle grants quick strikes, repels, and mind boggling procedures, permitting the wielder to actually outfit the sword’s power.

Symbolism and Culture:
Past its military job, the Chinese sword holds social imagery. It addresses honor, unwaveringness, and regard for custom. The craftsmanship engaged with making these swords mirrors the commitment of craftsmans to saving a heritage.

Modern Appreciation:
In contemporary times, the full tang blade Chinese Sword keeps on dazzling aficionados, military specialists, and authorities around the world. Its immortal charm is praise through shows, reenactments, and combative techniques exhibitions, guarantee its heritage perseveres.


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