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Handmade Clay Tempered Japanese Samurai Tanto Sword



  • Overall Length: 54 cm / 21.3 inches
  • Blade Length: 33 cm / 13 inches
  • Handle Length: 16 cm / 6.3 inches

Description of Handmade Clay Tempered Japanese Samurai Tanto Sword:

Experience the embodiment of craftsmanship and custom with our Handmade Clay Tempered Japanese Samurai Tanto Sword. This wonderful piece is something beyond a sword it is a show-stopper, an image of force and eminence. A connection to a past where honor and discipline dominated.

Drench yourself in the rich legacy of Japanese craftsmanship with this choice Carefully assembled Clay Tempered Samurai Tanto Sword. Carefully handmade by talented craftsmans, this cutting edge epitomizes hundreds of years of custom and dominance in its everything about. Submerge yourself in Japanese practice with this carefully hand tailored Samurai Tanto Sword, flaunting a clay tempered edge and valid craftsmanship. A combination of masterfulness and history in one perfect piece.

Manufactured from great tamahagane steel, the sword’s edge flaunts excellent sharpness, strength, and a particular hamon. The hypnotizing wave-like example that arises through the mud treating process. This old method upgrades the sword’s stylish allure as well as refines its underlying trustworthiness. Bringing about a cutting edge of unrivaled strength and equilibrium.

The tsuka (handle) is skillfully envelope by certifiable rayskin and bound with premium silk ito, offering a safe and agreeable hold. The menuki (trimmings) installed on one or the other side of the handle portray exemplary Japanese themes, add a component of refinement and polish.

A customary tsuba (handguard) isolates the edge from the handle. That showing complicated plans that give recognition to Japan’s social images. Every component of this tanto sword is made with enduring meticulousness, guarantee a valid and dazzling piece that mirror the spirit of old Japan.

Housed in a lacquered saya (casing), enhanced with a sageo (rope) made of silk. The sword isn’t just an image of verifiable glory yet additionally a show-stopper that requests deference. Whether showed as a focal point or held close by, this Clay tempered Samurai Tanto Sword rises above time. That permitting you to interface with the craftsmanship and boldness of the samurai custom.

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