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Japanese Damascus Blade Black Folded Steel Katana Sword



  • Overall Length: 103 cm / 40.6 inches
  • Blade Length: 73 cm / 28.7 inches
  • Handle Length: 27 cm / 10.6 inches

Description of authentic Japanese Damascus Blade Black Folded Steel Katana Sword:

Release the champion inside with this credible authentic Japanese Damascus Blade Black Folded Steel Katana Sword. Fastidiously hand-manufactured utilizing customary strategies, this dazzling cutting edge is an ideal mix of history, imaginativeness, and present day craftsmanship. Intended for lovers, gatherers, and present day samurai the same, this katana is in excess of a weapon it’s a heritage.

The Katana Sword exemplifies the zenith of craftsmanship, mixing custom. With development to make an edge of remarkable magnificence and usefulness. Hand tailored by ace swordsmiths utilizing antiquated procedures went down through ages. This katana features the imaginativeness and commitment that characterize Japanese sword making.

Manufacture from excellent dark collapse steel, the edge has a striking differentiation. Between its dull tint and the mind boggling Damascus designs that wave along its surface. This one of a kind designing is a consequence of the careful layering and collapsing process. It improves the edge’s solidarity and sharpness. The sword rich arch and adjusted weight dispersion guarantee exact and controlled developments. By permitting the wielder to execute quick hits with accuracy and effortlessness.

The handle, envelope by certified beam skin and bound with dark silk, gives an agreeable hold and a bit of complexity. The tsuba (monitor) includes a luxurious plan roused by customary Japanese themes, further mirroring the sword’s social legacy. The saya (casing), made from lacquered wood. It safeguards the cutting edge as well as adds a component of visual appeal with its profound brilliance.

Past its visual allure, the sword’s utilitarian ascribes are similarly amazing. The cautious intensity therapy and extinguishing process have brought about an edge. It’s wonderful hardness and strength, equipped for keeping up with its edge through thorough use. Whether show as a workmanship piece or used as a military weapon. The Katana Sword remains as a demonstration of the persevering through tradition of Japanese sword making, mixing history, craftsmanship.

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